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How to best use Sitecore Eloqua Connector to Increase Lead Conversions

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Today, I would like to share with you another powerful module created by Altudo which allows organizations to integrate Sitecore CMS with the leading marketing automation platform – Eloqua.

Most marketing departments deal with a variety of systems to enable marketing activities, Eloqua being one of those tools. With so many systems, the imminent objective is to have a connected view of the data. Altudo Sitecore-Eloqua module enables that.

Sitecore is a system that via its DMS could perform personalization, profiling and segmentation of visitors on your site very efficiently – Eloqua similarly collects contact data through email campaigns that it runs. With that commonality as a premise, there is always an apparent need to connect these two systems and have a single source of truth.

Your website can be transformed into a truly powerful engagement platform if we leverage the data from Eloqua. Similarly, your email campaigns can become more targeted and much more informed if you could account for the user behavior data from the Sitecore website or DMS.

What it means is that, if we can bridge the divide between the data managed by Eloqua system and the way content is presented on you website, we can instantly create a real-time personalized environment for the visitor, thereby providing him/her with a content rich experience that is tailored to their specific need.

This connection between Eloqua and Sitecore would not only enrich the experience of the Sitecore CMS driven website visitor, but would also provide the marketing automation engine of Eloqua the information about the current website visitor that it can then utilize to engage with the customer to convert them into prospective leads.

Scenario 1: Two-way personalization using Sitecore Eloqua connector

The two-way personalization works by utilizing the Sitecore Eloqua connectors real time engine that manages the profile content between the Sitecore CMS system and the Eloqua Database.

Let's take a simple scenario where a new visitor lands on your Sitecore CMS website. While browsing your website, the user lands on the Products landing page and selects a product category – Cameras. The visitor spends a few minutes reviewing the page and then selects a specific type of camera – a Digital SLR. By now, Sitecore would have very intuitively assessed that the visitor is interested in Photography and as he is venturing into high-end cameras, the visitor is not an amateur photographer.

sitecore eloqua connector 1

This analytic assessment is captured by the Sitecore DMS framework as a Profile and the website content on the following pages is driven by the profile characteristics captured. This means, that as the user browses through the rest of the website, Sitecore enhances the user experience by showcasing more content around Photography and related products.

Sitecore Eloqua web connector can leverage the Sitecore profiling capabilities and start to engage with the visitor to gather the most specific information that is vital for the marketing automation system of Eloqua.

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Based on preconditioning (which can be configured in the system), the Sitecore Eloqua connector present the visitor with a simple form to inquire about their email address. On providing their email id, the visitor’s profile and email information is transferred to the Eloqua database (in real-time), while a cookie is created on the client’s machine to preserve the email id for future use.

sitecore eloqua connector 2

While Sitecore is engaging with the visitor based on its profile and rendering a real time personalized website experience, Eloqua is preparing to generate an email based on the recent information shared by the Sitecore Eloqua connector.

This email can consist of any number of promotional and profile specific information that transform the visitor into a prospective lead in no time. Based on your marketing automation plan, you can engage the visitor along a specific campaign that is tailored to the needs of the visitors profile.

sitecore eloqua connector 3

The real-time personalized experience doesn’t end with the user session, the next time this visitor lands on your website, Sitecore Eloqua connector validates the returning visitor with the cookie that was created on his first visit.

The Sitecore Eloqua connector utilizes the information in the cookie and gets vital information from Eloqua database. This information can then be leveraged by the CMS website to drive the personalized experience on a real-time basis.

sitecore eloqua connector 4

Scenario 2: Gated progressive forms using Sitecore Eloqua connector

Another amazing feature of the Sitecore Eloqua connector is its ability to import Eloqua forms into Sitecore. Eloqua forms allows the marketing information system to capture visitor information from the website. Once your site is being managed in a CMS environment you can leverage the effortless potential of Sitecore web forms, that allow you to create and manage dynamic forms.

Sitecore web forms are easy to create and manage for a business user and requires no programming skills to be integrated. These forms can be utilized to personalize the visitor experience and of course manage gated content to gather prospective marketing leads.

The Sitecore Eloqua connector allows you to import the Eloqua forms into Sitecore. These forms can then be managed as Sitecore forms and rendered dynamically to create a personalize gated asset environment for the visitor. To provide an enriching experience to the visitor, Sitecore Eloqua connector can be used to create progressive forms in the website.

Let's say you have gated assets on your website such as PDFs. Now you want to create an intuitive user experience around the gated content, where the user landing on the gated asset for the first time is only asked for the very basic information.

sitecore eloqua connector 5

On providing that information, the visitor is allowed to download the asset and resume browsing through the website. At this point, the Sitecore Eloqua connector will save the information of the visitor in a cookie and also update the Eloqua database.

Now, let's say the visitor returns to your website after 15 days and is looking to download a new asset from your website. We already have information on the user and can allow the user access to the asset directly, but we also want to get more information from the visitor to create a more accurate profile of our lead.

sitecore eloqua connector 6

So we can employ the features of the Sitecore Eloqua connector to create an experience where now the user is presented with a new form with a specific set of questions before downloading the asset.

Sitecore Eloqua connector here facilitates in the progression of this gated experience and can be utilized to manage multiple such experiences based on the rules engine defined to render the valid set of forms. A single Sitecore form can be leveraged to present only the relevant set of fields as identified by the Sitecore Eloqua connector, thereby creating a virtual progression of forms using a single form.

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