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How Sitecore AI enables marketers to provide personalized digital experiences

Every single day large volume of data is being generated. If we talk about only the past two years, around 90% of the data was generated across the globe - that amounts to 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day, which is approximately 1.5 mbps and the numbers are still growing exponentially.

2,500,000,000,000,000,000 bytes per day

Several organizations have found a range of ways to develop storage places to store huge amounts of this valuable data in a number of different formats.

Years ago, several dominant organizations/brands discovered the potential of this large amount of data that could benefit them. Major brands that continue to work in this line are Microsoft and Azure. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Image processing are being leveraged by top brands like Amazon, Netflix and Spotify. These brands have unleashed the benefits of AI and ML to engage their customers and have increased their revenues significantly.

Why should we care about this?

This is because an increasing number of companies are investing their time and money into ML and AI technologies and are largely benefiting from it. This is why it becomes a burden for all small and large firms to jump into the bandwagon and leverage its benefits to increase the customer engagement, thereby increasing their return on Investment(ROI).

"Firms that combine strong digital capability, robust AI adoption, and a proactive AI strategy outsize their financial performance." "Digital native companies have made some of the most significant and earliest investments in AI, providing test cases for potential return on investments in AI".(McKinsey&Company)


Sitecore is known for its mind-blowing web content management, and as a digital marketing platform. Sitecore handles vast amount of different data and content on a daily basis and which is used it to personalize the site, based on some deterministic rule-based approach. With such vast amount of data and different types of audience, it was very easy to miss the mark with manual rule-based approaches, even with a large amount of analytics data.
Every individual is unique and their pattern of visiting the pages and interacting with a site varies. It is not realistic to sit and understand the journey of each and every visitor, and construct rules for them.

In the past, Sitecore collaborated with Microsoft to re-imagine digital experiences using AI and ML approach and made our lives a lot easier.

Sitecore AI can automate personalization at scale by automatically predicting the user patterns on the site, creating user segments based on the journey on the website, and provides the individualized experience to each and every user visiting the site. It can improve the personalized content to the large extent as it continuously studies the behavior of the visitor and dynamically predicts what content best suits to the visitor needs.
Sitecore has stepped into the automated personalization by leveraging the potential of AI in Sitecore practices and added tremendous benefits to Sitecore with its capability to automatically personalize by:

  • Analyzing the behavior of the visitors and grouping them into different segments
  • Understanding the requirement of the visitors dynamically from their past behavior on the site
  • Updating the personalization rules dynamically with changes in user journey
  • Continuously optimizing the customer experience to better align them with their business goals and increase conversion rate

How Sitecore AI drives Business Results?

  1. It segments visitors in different groups so that one can better target different segments based on business requirements and ways to achieve business goals.
  2. It helps to better understand the behavior of the customers based on data generated via their interactions on the site without explicitly making the permutations and making rules based on analytics data.
  3. Large amount of data is generated each day, developing a static personalized system once won’t help, Sitecore AI helps to target this challenge and to design a system that will be more reliable and dynamically improves the user experience and hence increase the engagement on the site.
  4. It is strictly focused to provide the better 1:1 personalized customer experience to enhance the trust among the customers and hence to increase the conversion rate.
  5. It gets deeper insights from all customer interaction data and generate efficient, optimized and robust systems that can better align with the business goals.

Sitecore AI is an indispensable tool for marketers that helps with operational challenges. Unlike other solutions, it is the only one that automatically identifies customer segments and focuses on delivering a unique experience to the user.

Jagmeet Kaur
Jagmeet Kaur Senior Associate

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