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Making the Life of Digital Marketers Easy with Sitecore 10 Solutions

A digital marketer's world revolves around several things other than campaigns and ads. While collecting relevant data might seem like a gold mine for businesses, digital marketers are the ones working hard to use this data to convert valuable leads.

However, several monotonous and mundane tasks can consume the marketer’s time and leave not-enough room for creative experiments. This is where Sitecore 10 for digital marketers assists in providing ease, time and effort management. If you are a marketer who's looking for a fast, secure and effective solution at the intersection of digital experience and marketing automation, this article is for you!

Marketing automation: Key Areas of Impact

Marketing automation has played a key role in providing personalized experience, generating leads and retaining users without following the traditional approach of manual efforts. A well-optimized marketing automation plan can do wonders, here's how!

Figure 1: Optimizing Marketing Automation Survey by Ascend2

Creating an end-to-end digital marketing optimization journey and executing the same is a lot of work. This is where Sitecore 10 for digital marketers works as a life-saver. But, before getting into the details, let's discuss a bit more about the basics and the need for marketing automation.

The 4 Ps: Key Areas Where Marketers Need the Most Help

The marketing mix of the four major areas to be focused on for businesses include People, Product, Place and Promotions.

Figure 2: Understanding 4 Ps of Marketing

Whether it is B2B or B2C, these 4 Ps are the key factors of marketing and ignoring any one of these might lead to falling short of desired leads and ROI. With Sitecore 10 solutions for digital marketers, performing all the tasks related to the 4 Ps of marketing can be done efficiently.
The 3 major areas for digital marketers that Sitecore 10 solutions focus on are:

  • Content Hub for overall marketing and management of content
  • Sitecore Universal Tracker for holistic view of customer
  • Sitecore XP for end-to-end personalization

Let's talk about the features and benefits of each of these Sitecore solutions in detail.

Managing and Streamlining Content with Sitecore Content Hub

A major part of marketing is all about creating and managing content. To explain in layman's terms, 'Create > Manage > Engage > Repeat' is what Content Hub does for marketers. With Sitecore Content hub, digital marketers and content creators can efficiently take charge of the entire content lifecycle.

Creating, publishing and managing social media, blogs, articles, eBooks, ads, web content, campaigns, strategies and much more can be a cumbersome task for anyone. Content Hub makes the most of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to develop interaction, collaboration and engagement across content types and assets.

Figure 3: Sitecore Content Hub Architecture

Understanding the 5 sections of Sitecore Content Hub with a digital marketer's perspective:

Sitecore Digital Access Management (DAM) As the name suggests, Sitecore DAM focuses on keeping all your digital assets sorted. Right from simplifying storage and organizing digital assets, DAM is a whole package that provides transparency and traceability. One can create and upload various types of content files, preview them in the browser and navigate through related content. To save time and allow easy searching, Content Hub DAM provides benefits such as:

  • Easy way to share digital assets across various teams.
  • Reduced complexity with easy tagging and classification of content using metadata.
  • An organized way to centralize content types like videos, source files, layouts and more.
  • Reduced manual efforts and increased productivity with Digital Rights Management.

Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP) The content becomes engaging and useful only when it is marketed in the best ways. Sitecore CMP is the one-stop solution when it comes to better streamlining of content production and distribution without compromising on time and quality. Here are some of the top benefits of Sitecore CMP:

  • Identifying gaps in the content availability and strategizing accordingly.
  • Optimizing quality content creation and flawless distribution across devices.
  • Planning, managing and executing content strategies for the specific target audience.
  • Tracking multiple tasks by various content authors and monitoring work status.

Sitecore Product Content Management (PCM) Managing and maintaining product content used by several resources in the organization can be a harrowing task. Sitecore PCM provides an organized way to manage and centralize product content to drive maximum results. Feeding on e-commerce websites, ERP systems, print catalogues and more, Sitecore PCM provider the following benefits:

  • Avoiding rework by utilizing the existing product content for creating fresh marketing content.
  • Reaching out to a global audience by translating and localizing your brand messaging.
  • Saving time when searching for assets like media, files, layouts and more.
  • Providing a complete track of how and where product assets are used for various purposes.

Sitecore Marketing Resource Management (MRM) Optimizing workflow and strategizing includes various activities like planning, scheduling and managing budgets for marketing activities. Sitecore MRM takes care of the end-to-end marketing resource management needs with various tools to focus on workflow. Here is how Sitecore 10 MRM can benefit marketing folks:

  • Providing various features depending on each team member's role in the marketing strategy.
  • Streamlining collaborations between internal and external teams.
  • Managing content workflow along with a complete insight into ROI and content performance.
  • Maintaining transparency, visibility and brand compliance.

Sitecore Web to Print Making the design process more efficient is the key purpose of Sitecore Web to Print. Digital marketers can enjoy the freedom of simplifying and automating graphics and collateral production in a hassle-free way. With the affordable cost of graphics production and time-saving, Web to Print is helpful for digital as well as print distribution. Take a look at some of the key offerings:

  • Eliminating errors using DAM along with minimizing litigation risk to ensure brand consistency.
  • Providing professional editing features along with smart templates, all in one browser.
  • Empowering users to produce graphics at scale and distribute globally.

A holistic view of the customer with scalable and customizable Sitecore Universal Tracker

To provide best services to the users, it is essential to understand the entire customer journey. But how does a digital marketer do that?
With Data, of course!

Sitecore 10 Universal Tracker enables marketers by capturing relevant and real-time data across multiple channels whenever an interaction takes place. This headless API microservice tracks data from mobile apps, virtual assistants, AR/VR, IoT devices and websites.

Figure 4: The functioning of Sitecore Universal Tracker

Built using .Net Core, Sitecore Universal Tracker supports a large amount of interaction which is specifically divided into 3 stages:

  • Collection- Streamlining of all events occurring during the interaction.
  • Storing- Temporary storage of all events in Sitecore Tracker DB.
  • Processing- Stored events are further processed after interactions have ended.

The marketing team can also add required functionalities to support data enrichment. Thanks to the pluggable architecture! Once the data is processed, it is further sent to XConnect services and stored in the Sitecore XDB.

Benefits of Sitecore 10 Universal Tracker for digital marketers?

  • Creating a real-time 1:1 marketing strategy
  • Tracking capabilities with both online and offline interactions
  • Using data collected on new channels for audience segmentation

Real-Time Personalization to Optimize, Improve and Achieve with Sitecore 10 solutions:

Today, personalization is a lot more than just personalizing email subject lines for customers.

A study by Accenture Interactive tells that 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognize, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations. Understanding the entire user journey and displaying personalized content depending on the search history and user preference seems appealing but it can be a time-taking task.

However, Sitecore XP has got the job covered when it comes to providing a personalized experience, with help of the following features:

  • Sitecore Personalization gives digital marketers the freedom to pick from multiple content development models with easy scaling and deployment.
  • With millions of visitors on the website, Sitecore AI provides a personalized digital experience for customers by modifying pages, identifying visitor trends and more.
  • Sitecore XP collects vital data to power smart personalization and stores it at a single location without compromising security.
  • The monotonous tasks of creating and running campaigns gets interesting with Sitecore XP, all thanks to marketing automation that allows streamlining interactions, targeting the right set of users and nurturing customer relationships.
  • With self-managed cloud deployment, managed cloud deployment and On-premises deployment, one can choose what fits the best for the business.

Additional Benefits of Sitecore 10 for Digital Marketers:

  • Easy user behavior tracking throughout the journey
  • Great first impression with an end-to-end digital strategy
  • More informed decisions with deeper analytics
  • Improved Horizon Editor with page-level engagement insights with the latest Sitecore upgrade.

Enabling businesses to market in context

A digital marketer's work is all about experimenting, analyzing and implementing. The processes of lead generation and onboarding valuable clients' need lots of time, effort and creativity. With a plethora of features and benefits that Sitecore offers, digital marketers can gain the freedom to go the extra mile and make every day at work exciting and organized.

Happy Customers! Happy Marketers!

If you wish to experiment and explore the possibilities in the world of content and marketing, Altudo - a leading global digital consultancy - can be your helping hand! With 45+ Fortune 500 companies across various industries, Altudo helps drive revenue and growth through digital.

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