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How Customer Data Platform can be beneficial for Marketing Automation

Customer Data Platform

In the current scenario, each marketer aims to personalize their campaigns at the granular level, in order to provide a largely personalized experience to their customers. To achieve this, marketers are using a range of platforms and tools to track the digital footprints of customers. While they are successful in doing so, the pieces of the puzzle still need to be completed. The primary concern is how to connect the data of these platforms and tools with each other, so as to enhance the personalized experience. In order to achieve personalization for high value pages and campaigns, marketers download data from tools, then post-customization, they upload this data or plan campaigns for their target audience, using relevant tools. This takes a lot of time and requires intensive analysis.

To overcome this issue, it is best to use a new approach like CDP. What exactly is CDP? CDP means Customer Data Platform, and the name suggests what the technology is like! Tealium’s Universal Data Hub connects your mobile, web, offline and other data sources with vendor registration.

This technology helps to connect the dots between different tools / technology and once the setup is done, it becomes easy for marketers to personalize their campaigns at the granular level. Generally, in the current scenario, data is stored in silos and is inconsistent, which directly translates into a substandard personalized customer experience. This experience leads to common problems like:

  • No single view of customer
  • Insights are stale
  • Data in silos
  • Uneven CX

Tealium can be considered as one of the best solutions to solve these common problems via Customer Data Orchestration approach. This means you can connect data in real time across technologies. Furthermore, this approach puts the customer and his data at the centre.

Previously, data from Social, CRM, CMS, Analytics, Display AD and Marketing Automation was dealt with separately. This means that while campaigns were being deployed, none of them could provide a high-level personalized experience.

When Tealium is used, whatever interaction is done on a particular platform, can be passed on to the Marketing Automation tool or any other technology, for a great personalized experience. For instance, let’s consider two organisations who operate separately. One is using Tealium (Org A), while the other (Org B) manages things manually. Org A runs campaigns across channels like Social, Display AD, CMS, Marketing Automation and each engagement flows back into the CRM, CMS DB, Marketing Automation DB and data of Analytics, to each data hosting server.

If things are connected in this manner, it becomes simpler for marketers to run campaigns from the Marketing Automation tool. This is because when data from across channels is already flowing, all one needs to do is set up the filter criteria for nurture or promotion drips, so that the moment any data is received for any of the technologies, a personalized email can be sent out. In a similar way, data from other channel sources can be used by CMS for a personalized experience.

When you look at Org B (not using Tealium), they can land into multiple issues, since their data is fragmented across channels. If they want to automate channels and personalize them, this idea won’t work, since there is no setup to connect the dots between channels. This means the tasks will be manual and can’t be automated. While there are some temporary solutions available in the market, known as customized API, one cannot compare its performance with a fully-developed tool.

A Comprehensive Guide for Marketing Automation Platform Migration

Here’s the output difference in both organisations:

  1. High value customers are treated to great personalized experiences
  2. Sales team gets a more broad view of the customer, in comparison to the previous view
  3. Lead scoring will be more effective
  4. Selection of target audience for lead nurturing will be more specific, and many more differences...

Based on the experience working with Tealium, we should start using this tool at the earliest, so that our prospects can have a high-level personalized experience.

We at Altudo invest heavily on Marketing Technology to help brands drive personalized experience throughout the customer journey. Our Revenue Engine Framework brings together CX & Demand Gen Strategy, 1:1 Personalization & Engagement Analytics, Mar-Tech stacks & Cross Channel Orchestration to curate engagement experiences for your customers & drive revenue outcomes. To

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