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Fluid Commerce—The ecommerce evolution story

You are already introduced to the idea of 'Fluid Commerce,' with enough material already available online. In this blog, we aim to wrap the whole concept in a tighter fitting jacket and clear the air around it: How did fluid commerce emerge on the horizon?

Fluid Commerce-- It is consumers' expectations and technology, growing in leaps and bounds

Technology disruptions are rapidly driving innovation, transforming the entire shopping landscape for the customers, and catering to their whims. Retailers, on the other side, are bound to reinvent the wheel, transforming the way their business functions.

Fluid Commerce has a similar story. It started as a bridge between customers' expectations (driven by their technological disruption) and businesses running on a traditional mindset.

With a proliferation of devices and apps among customers, they are embracing disruption at a fast pace, switching from one device to another for shopping, and completing their purchase anywhere (with no device preference). They expect to have a seamless journey, irrespective of what device they switch to. They want to pick up from where they left. Resultantly, the retailers are hard-pressed to pace up to this disruption and up their game. Filling in this gap, - Fluid Commerce emerged on the horizon.

Why it should not be mixed with Omni-channel approach

Fluid commerce is different from the omni-channel approach of businesses. While it connects the dots between all the digital channels, it also reduces friction that has been there between physical stores and online stores. It empowers the customer to decide his/her shopping journey and meet their destination anywhere they want to.

Fluid commerce is about enriching your customer experience by enabling the right mix of content, commerce, and context. If we were to pinpoint some key drivers of this innovation, it would be: frictionless omni-channel experience, personalization, and robust technology.

-Frictionless omni-channel experience: According to statistics collated by, 50% of customers prefer shopping online, while the rest 50% is divided between computers, mobile, and catalogs. Hence, delivering a 360-degree shopping experience to the customer-- cross channel, devices, and offline stores is imperative to surround the customer from everywhere.

  • The personalization trigger:We all are unique; that is precisely how we want to be noticed by others. Even while we shop, make simple, everyday choices. Personalization increases engagement deepens the relationship between the retailer and the customer, and translates a deal fastest.
  • Roping in technology from all the ends:
  • There are so many technologies that you could rope in to cater to the customers' vagaries. Big Data, machine learning, payment methods, AR and VR power,

Summing Up

According to, 62% of customers share their bad experiences with others, while 72% of customers also share their good experiences. Which is 10% more than those who share their bad experiences. While offering frictionless shopping experience is useful to convert a proposition into a deal, and create an optimal customer experience, it is also a very effective way of growing as a brand and becoming a preference among the customers.
While the whole idea of creating fluid commerce might sound daunting, there are experts in the market who will help you navigate through this jungle of sophisticated technology and achieve immense benefits they promise.

Amit Thapliyal VP - Marketing

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