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Delivering Seamlessly Connected Personalized Experience with Acquia CDP to Drive ROI

Today’s marketing professionals have more customer data at their fingertips than ever before. But understanding what the data is telling them about their business, and activating this data to create relevant experiences is no simple task. In fact, 83% of marketers say that customer data lives in silos, making true personalization next to impossible. The challenge is rooted in too many uncoordinated channels, disconnected systems, and uncorrelated data.

While this multitude of channels gives marketers massive amounts of data, it’s not usable without a clear, unified understanding of the customer that marketers can harness to effectively drive customer engagement. Offering seamless connected and personalized experience can be achieved only if this data is used in the best possible ways.

How to achieve seamless personalized experience?

With Customer Data Platforms! CDPs are tools that transform raw data to actionable insights. They are designed specifically to help enterprises engage their customers or visitors across their entire journey, online or offline.

At its highest level, CDP engagements are a three-step process where data is identified, processed and optimized for use by the company.

Fig. Source: Acquia

Which CDP should you choose for your business?

Acquia Customer Data Platform is a good and simple option that it speaks for itself. It is the only CDP that meets all the enterprise needs. Acquia CDP is built on four core features that make it the most complete system to utilize data to the fullest and offer seamless experience along with personalization. The 4 core features include:

  • Machine Learning for Marketers - Models created specifically for identifying customers and building value.
  • Enterprise Scalability - Multi-tenant scalability in a single UI with data processing capabilities.
  • Data Democratization - Easy, Flexible, Intuitive reporting that can be used across the organization.
  • 360 Identity Resolution - True identity resolution across the entire customer journey, online and off.

Standard Acquia CDP implementation approach and timeline

Fig. Source: Acquia

Acquia CDP is a real-time platform with high performance, enterprise scale, and configurability to meet unique business needs. Acquia CDP gives marketers direct access key insights into their customer data, shaving off days or weeks from segmentation or reporting projects while boosting operational efficiency.

  • Single Customer View
  1. Data ingestion -
  2. Ingest structured and unstructured data tied to customer records from a wide variety of channels via an integration framework to rationalize disparate data.
  3. Identity resolution -
  4. Cleanse, dedupe, stitch, and enrich identities from event, transaction, and profile data into a single view to better your customers, however they engage with your brand.
  5. Unified profile -
  6. Combine attributes into elastically searchable customer profiles that are available in the Acquia CDP UI or via an API that can be leveraged to provide insight and visibility across the enterprise.
  • Analytics and Machine Learning
  1. Machine learning -
  2. Harness Acquia CDP’s predictive, persona-based, and personalization-driven models, clusters, and recommendations to understand customers and drive 1:1 engagement.
  3. Reporting and analytics -
  4. Leverage over 300 out-of-the-box metrics, and create your own dashboards and reports using any custom attribute.
  5. Direct query access and data sharing -
  6. Give BI professionals direct access to Acquia CDP’s intelligence & enable data sharing with external analytics systems, for maximum control and flexibility.
  • Customer Data Activation and Orchestration
  1. Outbound marketing -
  2. Enhance systems such as email, SMS, push notifications, and direct mail with the ability to segment based on analytics and machine learning models.
  3. Digital advertising -
  4. Intelligently target and suppress audiences beyond simple demographics across display, search, and video advertising.
  5. Customer experience -
  6. Deliver the right web, chat, call center, or in-person experience based on who the customer is, harnessing data such as identity graph, real-time events, and active offers.

With all these features, your business can know about the likes and dislikes of the customers, have an end-to-end report about their activities and carry out marketing and personalization activities accordingly.

Altudo will help you in the implementation process of Data transformation framework offered by Acquia CDP by defining:

  • Data strategy – We will help you configure source systems, data model discovery and API middleware setup before Acquia team implement CDP by mapping source systems into CDP, set up data and BI transformations, analyze and configure data model.
  • Data enablement – Post CDP implementation we will gather intelligence, segmentation, cohorts, and summaries for decision-making & campaigns.

While defining data strategy we will work closely with you to identify source data such as custom business rules, input and output systems list, data feeds from ERPs and commerce and business intelligence requirements. Let us break it down for Planning, Implementation and Action phase.

At the end of the Planning and discovery phase we will deliver measurable outcomes, such as:

  • Project sign-off
  • Business Planning document
  • Data Feed Specification document
  • Data mapping document
  • Initial feeds
  • Feed Approval
  • Final feeds
  • Project plan document

Further during the implementation phase, we will provide important project inputs, such as:

  • Help you craft campaign strategy
  • Produce CSV feed input files
  • Develop direct APIs to push data into CDP
  • Pull data from 360 API into customer ecosystem (e.g. Call center) for front-line insights
  • Add webtag for browsing and ecommerce tracking

Post CDP implementation we will build on & iterate following action items along with you:

  • Validate CDP ML results, identify new model opportunities
  • Run campaigns and action on insights
  • Create themed data viz, reports, and dashboards
  • Direct mail processing and matchback

So, are you still looking to unlock and unify your data to generate rich insights that drive engagement and drive ROI through smarter marketing and delivering seamlessly connected experiences? You reached the right place. Don't worry about the cost or risk of scaling up to support fluctuations in volume and leave this to our experts, they will be with you every step of the way to ensure your success.

Our long relationship with Acquia and certified experts will guide you at each step in this journey.

You can reach out to us to schedule a free Acquia CDP workshop and understand what we can do with all this data? Drop a Hi! At and our team will help you out.

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