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Sitecore and Salesforce Integration: Bridging the Gap between Technology and Data

In an age where customers are king, businesses are strategizing to keep up customer expectations. Around 80% customers say that the experience a company provides is as important as products and services.

Customers are in-charge of how and when to interact with brands. They expect brands to understand them and offer them experiences on the basis of data they share and things they browse.

Personalized Customer Experience through Technological Innovations

With technology, businesses can understand their customers better and offer them what they expect. But, in the age where customer is always on the go, having technology or just data is not enough. Businesses are already using softwares such as CMS/DXP (Sitecore) and CRM (Salesforce) to offer digital experiences to customers. While both focus on organizing data, the former manages content and the latter is responsible for nurturing customers. So, businesses have come up with the fantastic idea of integrating the two in order to create experiences that customers want:

Sitecore and Salesforce Integration

When Sitecore and Salesforce are integrated, customer data seamlessly flows between the two platforms. Businesses can have a single view of each customer which makes it easy to personalize customer data. Connecting Salesforce and Sitecore can help remove gaps from digital experiences. Let’s see what happens when the two work in tandem:

Understanding Sitecore and Salesforce Integration from Customer Perspective:
A website is the entry point for a customer. They expect a unified customer experience on the basis of data they have shared in their buying journey (with sales, marketing, ecommerce and other divisions) across all digital touchpoints and in-store purchases.

This expectation can be fulfilled by businesses who have a connected Salesforce and DXP setup. They can have a 360-degree view of the customer which will become the source to offer contextual, data-driven seamless experience across online and offline touchpoints.

Let's take a specific example of how Sitecore and Salesforce would work together. In this case we want to build a pipeline of prospective customers from the campaign.

Understanding Sitecore and Salesforce Integration from Sales and Marketing Perspective:
As businesses who commit to offer seamless user experience to their audience, it is important to understand how sales and marketing functioning changes with the integration of DXP and CRM:

  1. Connected Customer with DXP+SFMC/ Sales Cloud-
    • Capture all the leads coming from the web visitors and capturing intelligence on their online behavior to nurture the leads and get higher conversion
    • Creating engaging journeys, targeting Audience and creating world brand experience

  2. Sales Enablement: Lead Management-
    • Generate High quality and quantity of leads with Integrated marketing automation
    • Campaign management capabilities combine best practices of using SFMC/Pardot, lead scoring, personalization and cross channel orchestration to drive high quality lead gen
    • Track Leads back to Marketing across all channels
    • Score and segment for prioritizing leads

  3. Data and Behavior-Driven Personalized Campaigns-
    Marketing can create segmentation for running personalized campaign using data from Sitecore/Salesforce in SFMC/Pardot.

    • Sales and marketing ROI
    • Omni channel Marketing Analytics
    • Optimize leads conversion and pipeline growth
    • Enables cross-channel marketing program email, web, social messaging can be in Sync
    • ROI tracking across marketing with insights across all of your email, social, advertising, web, and sales platforms

Parting Thoughts

With customers taking the charge of marketing, it's time for businesses to scale their martech stack. Technology of course has been a saviour in this world of compartmentalized customer needs. However, if this technology doesn’t fulfil what customers want from businesses, it's far from useful. Thus, integration!

Salesforce and Sitecore, both, are renowned names in their respective domains and bringing them together is like achieving utopia.

Our experts at Altudo work closely with global clients to enable them to improve their digital presence and capabilities of providing a personalized customer experience across all touchpoints.

In case you find the read interesting and wish to learn more about Sitecore and Salesforce integration, feel free to reach out to us at and we will connect you to our experts.

Gaurav Rehani Head, CRM | Altudo

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