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Connecting tech to Customer Experience- 5 ways to get it right

Customer Experience (CX) is a set of plans, actions, guidelines that aim at creating and fostering long-lasting relationships with customers. Customer Experience strategy is as much about technology today as it is about user experience. Customer Experience Management (CXM) professionals are spoilt for choice of technology because innovations are turbocharging the tech industry. But are these technology offerings being leveraged optimally to achieve CX maturity? The big question is how aligned are technology strategies with customer experience needs in an organization?

What is the current CX scenario in most organizations?

CX is both, a core competency and a key performance indicator in today’s time. Business houses these days are aware of the importance of investing in, and the consequent returns that good customer experience delivers. Most organizations are now driving the shift from a product-based measurement to an experience-oriented measurement.

What is the role of technology in CXM?

Technology is the key enabler for customer experience. CX organizations use technology to understand their customers better, provide quick resolutions, empower better and personalized interactions, and proactively engage for both, sales and support.

Technology related to data analytics and visualization tech is also critical in driving the CX strategy. When considering investing in CX, the areas that organizations seek to solve are customer journey mapping, decoding visitor behavior, channel preferences, insights and recommendations on how to predict intent and engage contextually.

Connecting Technology and Customer Experience

Given the countless brands that are competing for more customers with each passing day, having a customer-centric approach is of utmost importance for brands. For this, technology has been bought into picture. It amplifies customer experience with it’s ability to deliver accurate results at a much faster speed than humans. Below are some effective strategies that brands need to consider for delivering extraordinary customer experience:

1. Providing a Multi-Channel Experience:

The best way to leverage technology in improving customer experience is by empowering customers to connect with brands, in the same manner as they do with each other. This includes incorporating mobile features, sharing photos and real-time videos, providing more contextual information and helping agents resolve issues. Brands can provide a fluid and multi-channel support experience to their customers with the help of conversational AI, data intelligence and real-time analytics.

2. Saving Customers Time with Automation:

Automation has a drastic impact on improving aspects of customer experience. For example, a firm considers integrating a personalized chatbot into the mobile app or website to answer FAQs or implement an automated callback for instant revert on customer’s query. By doing so, brands create satisfied and returning customers, thus improving loyalty for their brands.

3. Leveraging the Right Analytics Tools:

To understand what customers want and what they are looking at, it is immensely important for brands to deliver relevant information across all touchpoint. This is where technology comes to rescue as various softwares are capable of processing, augmenting and analyzing data for actionable insights outstanding CX.

4. Brands Always on the Go:

Customers now expect brands to be available for them at any time of the day, be it early morning or late night. To keep up with these expectations, firms can “conversationalize” their business via AI, automation and secure messaging. These conversational interfaces will help customers troubleshoot issues, manage accounts and get answers 24/7.

5. Using Social Media for Customer Feedback:

Social media is emerging as a strong platform when it comes to knowing how customers feel about the brands they engage with. Satisfied customers praise brands online and become advocates with personal experience and vice versa. Brands thus, should engage with audience via social media to alter their products and services for better engagement.


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Brands that want to or have retained their market share owe a part of it to CX. With CX, customers feel belonged to brands as they get personalized experience which holds them. With effective CX strategy, brands can retain their customers and grow their customer base organically.

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