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Challenges in Delivering Great Digital Experience

The world is rapidly changing and with all the technological advancements, digital infrastructures are also changing. With the pandemic resulting in a complete shift of customer expectations, today’s buyers demand an optimal quality customer experience. As a result, customer experience has taken over price as the biggest differentiator. To stay relevant in the market, companies today must find the right strategies to cater to the dynamic needs of their online audiences.

Both Customer and Employee Expectations are Changing

Customers face an immense number of challenges while looking for relevant content if the company doesn’t have the right content marketing strategies and tools in place. Let’s find out what customers might look for in digital content and the problems they face due to a disconnected content experience:

customer view and pain

While this is the case on the customer’s side, employees on the other hand struggle to deliver the right content to the respective target audience. This can be due to broken and inconsistent content workflows hindering the content from being reused as a result of data silos. Furthermore, this can result in a major disconnect with the backend. Another problem with such a disconnected process is that the content is restricted to a few team members who can’t deploy it fast enough, as there is a high cost associated with it.

employee pain

Hence, both the customers and employees are struggling, resulting in the company losing ROI with high cost of deliverables. This also leads to companies missing out on the opportunities to create deep relationships with their customers and expand customer bases with better branding.

How Do We Bridge the Gap?

business implications

Today, most customers are looking for a consistent customer experience across every channel. Let’s take an example – In an ideal case, it would be much easier for a customer service agent to personalize experience for a customer using insights from their online customer behavior, preferences and offer solutions effectively. This could be made much easier using the insights and content preferences visible through the customer’s digital behavior across multiple touch points. This can lead to effective customization of customer experience.

customer view

On the other hand, the ideal employee experience for a brand would involve working with relevant tools to deliver, having the right workflows in place and putting specific content on the website. As they are also required to incorporate the right roles and permissions to catalyze the approval process, they can benefit from a UI and technology that doesn’t need in-depth understanding for them to be contributor to enhancing digital experience.

employee pain

Turn to Altudo for the Best Solutions

Reaching this ideal state for both, the customer as well as the employees can help the company drive revenue and boost operational efficiencies at large, while increasing the profit margin, reducing wasteful expenditure and enabling content agility. At Altudo we understand the importance of this process and work towards building the required set of core capabilities in a CMS framework as shown below:

multi channel content integration

This framework essentially eliminates the need to dive deep into coding and learning different programming languages, which makes it easier and faster for employees to deploy various types of content with the right permissions. Additionally, this solution can be integrated with various backend technologies like an effective CRM that can help you build the right strategies to increase customer loyalty. It empowers your sales and marketing reps with insights derived from a single view of the customer which helps them gauge customer demands and display relevant content.

We at Altudo, understand that content is only half share of ROI, while the other half is data. We also understand the ideal state of content and how the Acquia Drupal Cloud enables it. Keeping this sin mind, we also understand that content powered by data drives customer loyalty, making the digital customer experience more relevant.

For more information on picking out the right content management solutions tailored to your demands to enhance CX, you can connect with our Digital Marketing experts at and have a more detailed discussion.

Acquia Durpal Cloud is a content management solution that enables you to deliver the right content to the right target audience across touch points in their customer journey. Altudo helps you dig deeper into Acquia Drupal Cloud content capabilities and how you and your business can benefit from it. We assist you in the selection of data solutions such as Acquia CDP and Acquia Personalization that empowers you to help you deliver a great digital experience.

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Mandar Bhagwat Vice President- Drupal Practice | Altudo

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