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5 Reasons Why Cross-Channel Marketing is Essential to Your Lead Generation Strategy

cross channel marketing essentials

The consequences of addressing your customers incorrectly, at the wrong time, or by failing to emphasize potential services and prospects can be ruinous. Similarly, targeting the wrong audience will result in wasting your valuable time and money. In the increased mobile and digital economy, customers connect with brands on a range of platforms and channels. Brands must accordingly broaden their marketing reach across all of these channels in order to stay engaged and connected with consumers.

This is called cross-channel marketing, a strategic term that refers to a brand’s ability to reach customers across various channels, whether online, in-store, via social media, or another channel altogether. Implementing a cross-channel marketing strategy increases the probability of marketing content that is seen by buyers, increasing the potential for lead as well as revenue generation.

cross channel marketing strategy

Cross channel marketing that leads to potential clients

5 Reasons Why Cross Channel Marketing is Important:

  1. Changing purchasing patterns -
  2. The marketplace is filled with ever-changing tastes and desires, from the aging baby boomers to the rising income levels of millennials and Generation Z. These dynamic needs have a direct impact on organizations in terms of new product design, marketing, and distribution.

    Consumers don't just buy from one source or device anymore. They use marketplaces, apps, websites, and third-party websites equally. The higher use of marketing tools is blotting the difference between work, lifestyle, and social media interaction, as well as between domains such as mobility, health, and finance.

    How is consumer behavior changing for purchasing?

    • Increased digital adoption: People are switching to digital platforms for their day-to-day needs.
    • Changes in mobility patterns: are less reliance on public transportation, more remote work, which makes buyers life hassle-free and relaxing and can buy stuff on their fingertips.
    • Change in purchasing behavior: has shifted to real worth buying and online shopping.
    • Increased awareness of health: putting on masks, practicing good hygiene, eating healthy, and so on, and due to this pandemic, a lot of buyers have quit visiting stores and have rather shifted to the online buying.

    digital transformation driving consumer behavior

    Digital transformation driving consumer behavior

  3. Need for a 360-degree view of the customer -
  4. Cross-channel marketing solution provides you a unified 360-degree picture of buyers engaging with your brand – over every level of the customer journey. In the future, you will be able to better tailor your marketing campaigns to fit the tastes of your customers with the use of a single analytics platform that allows you to connect and visualize consumer behavior.

    How can companies achieve the elusive 360-degree view to bolster customer experience? The following steps can help you accomplish:

    • Walk-in your customer's shoes - You can begin tackling the 360-degree challenge by walking in your customer's shoes. It's a good idea to keep track of where your customers are.
    • Recognize the "onstage elements" with the journey - Customer interaction happens at every touchpoint in your brand's experience. This includes your website and mobile app, your call center, and your customer service professionals. Finding the appropriate platform where your consumer resides is a must.
    • Identify the enablers - In order to offer a seamless customer experience, ask yourself what capabilities each channel requires along the customer's journey. It includes customer insights, business rules, employee competencies, processes, and technologies each channel needs to service the customer efficiently and effectively.
    • Perform an audit of your capabilities - Performing an audit helps you to see whether you can adequately deliver to your intended customers.

  5. Customer's need for personalization -
  6. When a company recognizes and caters to its customers, they feel valued. According to an Accenture survey of 8000 consumers worldwide, 91%of those polled also said they were more likely to do business with brands that recognize, acknowledge, and provide them with relevant recommendations and offers.

    There are three things you can do to personalize the customer experience.

    • Use micro-segmentation. Consumers want to be addressed as an individual with very precise likes and dislikes and not as a group of people who share similar interests.
    • Leverage Artificial Intelligence - Geoff Webb, PROS vice president of strategy, states that AI-powered personalization contributes to a positive customer experience. “AI and machine learning are critical for creating personalized offers because they enable vendors to quickly analyze massive amounts of data in order to present the highest deal to their customers”.
    • Omnichannel Personalization - The primary objective of omnichannel personalization is to establish reliable relationships with customers every time they interact with a business.

    Omnichannel personalization makes use of data from all channels, such as in-store interactions, social presences, phone calls, mobile apps, websites, email, and so on. social interaction.

    Cross channel personalization is no longer an option for brands, but rather a must. Also, it is a tall order for advertisers to take on. However, it is possible, to serve personalized ads across a variety of devices and channels with a multi-channel marketing strategy.

  7. Cross-Channel integration for efficiency
  8. Cross-channel campaign integration is the integration of different channels, such as brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce, and mobile retailers.

    Through video commercials, online browsing, and even contact with a customer service professional, the consumer has had positive interactions with your company.

    You will, however, miss out on that transaction if you do not have a cross-channel marketing insight in place. You will continue to target and interact with this consumer despite not knowing that they made a purchase. Setting up an omnichannel solution will provide a complete picture of the consumer journey in-store and online, reducing the risk of missed opportunities to generate additional sales.

  9. Stop relying on a single source of revenue -
  10. If you limit your digital marketing budget to a single channel, you will miss out on customers who spend all their time somewhere else. The notion of having multiple sources of revenue development rather than relying on a single income will help you stay current in your market and learn new trends. Furthermore, this ensures that the company does not become over-reliant on a single revenue source.

customer omnichannel experience

Customer interest in cross-channel experience

Cross Channel Marketing Equals More Opportunities to Engage and Convert

Cross-channel marketing is essential for any savvy marketer looking to connect with as many customers as possible in significant ways. Meeting consumers at multiple touchpoints throughout their existences means more opportunities to engage and convert them into customers.

Nevertheless, lead generation is becoming more frictionless for both prospects and sales professionals. People loathe slow navigation, lengthy reading, and having to re-share their data. Individuals expect a seamless experience across channels and platforms, in order to get what they want quickly.

Whatever industry you are in, remember that competition is getting hot, with both local and global brands gearing up for your customer base. Similarly, customer’s shopping behaviors and expectations have also evolved, in demanding personalization, connection, and experiences, rather than just a transactional relationship.

To sum up -

A company or marketer's best chance of remaining ahead of the competition is to adapt and include cross-channel marketing into their mix. However, cross-channel marketing isn’t that easy. It's a time-consuming endeavor with many moving parts, making it difficult to organize, control, implement, and scale without marketing automation.

Don’t you worry! Altudo is all set to help you. Get started with your cross-channel marketing today with Altudo. Let’s talk.

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