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What Does Acquia Site Studio Offer Marketers?

For every marketer managing website content is a big and complicated task. Ultimately is boils down to the CMS they are using for page creation, content management, and digital asset management.

Marketers are always on the look out for the ability to make website updates that do not impact code. They need to be able to build new pages and make changes quickly, as well as replace old digital assets with new ones. Sometimes the website becomes dated and difficult to make updates on. In all such cases, a unified marketing and communications platform that enables the global marketing teams to quickly create and publish new content can come in super handy.

The primary goal of every marketers is to reduce the time it takes them to get the content to the market. To support this need, Acquia Site Studio provides a very marketer-friendly approach to content publishing and management.

What is Acquia Site Studio?

Acquia Site Studio is a low-code tool available as an add-on for Drupal DXP. It changes the way you build and update digital experiences. As a low-code tool, it helps marketers expedite development timelines and empowers business users to contribute to content directly without having to go via the developer route. With a user-friendly and visual interface, it empowers businesses, developers, site builders, designers, and marketers seeking to build sites faster.

Creating a site in traditional manner is dependent on the speed of handoffs between designers, developers, content team and other development team members. With the Acquia Site Studio handoffs happens only once from one team to the next. This turns efforts traditionally taking months into a mere weeks to launch.


Source: Acquia

Acquia Site Studio is good to use for any sized company that wants to delve into brand marketing. Companies that maintain multiple brands and regions with multiple languages can build multi-brand multi-site arrangements with the component-based infrastructure of the Studio. It can better equip teams across the globe to maintain site governance and marketing compliance while building at scale. Even single brand companies with multiple sites can keep the same look and feel throughout the visitors online experience and repurpose their work while migrating.

What are top Acquia Site Studio features?

Acquia Site Studio is an easy-to-use low-code tool that helps every team member add value to the site build and gives them the power to enhance a Drupal site. Top Acquia Site Studio features include:

  • Visual Editor - Acquia Site Studio provides one of the most powerful editing experience available for Drupal websites. It offers a drag-and-drop visual page builder, that helps users create pages quickly as well as visualize the changes they are making as they go. For whenever an HTML version of the page is needed, it can be attained with the built-in field formatter.

    visual studio

    Source: Acquia

    A visual editing experience means that business users can easily make changes to any website page. It works out-of-the-box with workflows and translation and enables editors to choose a specific component across the website while changing styles wherever needed

  • Visual Page Builder Tool – This Acquia Site Studio feature helps marketers build websites end to end with a visual low-code interface. It is an intuitive and powerful visual interface, that enables the users to create all aspects of the website. Further, the visual page builder tool can work seamlessly with any custom development you might want to do, since it is fully extensible.
    This means that the website layout and style can be built by junior developers, designers and UX teams, empowering more valuable senior developers to focus on complex coding and development tasks.
  • Reusable Components - Expedite your site build with page components that can be reused in multiple places and don’t always need to be built from scratch. This means you build a component once, and can reuse it wherever necessary and save resource on development.

  • reusable component

    Source: Acquia

  • Visual Component Library – Have a consolidated view of all available components created by your team in one centralized location, via this visual component library. This makes component easy to spot and remember, and ensures that created components aren’t lost.

  • visual component library

    Source: Acquia

  • Drag and Drop Interface - Add components to a page or build a whole page from scratch with a drag and drop UI. No code required.
  • drag and drop interface

    Source: Acquia

  • In-Context Editing – Enable your users to make content and design changes within component, even within a site preview, while looking at the rest of the context of the page as well as the whole website.
  • in context editing

    Source: Acquia

  • Built Menu Systems - Create reusable menu systems and implement them when building sites
  • built menu system

    Source: Acquia

  • Layouts for Dynamic Lists - Display dynamic content lists on non-dynamic pages created in Site Studio.
  • layout for dynamic lists

    Source: Acquia

  • Website settings – Enable users to setup and manage content components such as fonts, icons, colours and even the responsive grid with an easy-to-use interface. You can also export such settings to a new website or page you’re building, reducing the amount of recreation you might need to do drastically.

What are the benefits of Acquia Site Studio?

Acquia Site Studio is for marketers, developer and designers looking for easier theme creation and testing. These user interface enhancements means testing and creation becomes much easier to achieve. When developers and designers engage their time and resources upfront by creating various components with Acquia Site Studio the energy of the entire team is spent more efficiently and effectively.

Benefits of Site Studio implementation:

  • Granular Roles and Permissions - Site Studio provide built-in permissions and filters. You can grant access to the different users basis what information you want them to be able to access and edit.
  • Prebuilt features - With over 70+ pre-built components, Site Studio accelerates your development work.
  • Intelligent page building – Acquia Site Studio adjusts pages so they are formatted properly and drive maximum engagement. Reduced IT dependency for updating templates and changing pixels.
  • Searchable component library - As you develop new components, it's easy to make them accessible for reuse. Allowing you to focus on building and innovating.
  • Custom components - There are no limitations about what or how you can build. Developers are still in full control. The tool makes it easy to include custom elements, blocks and ingest applications such as React that will complement the pre-built component library.

If you’d like to know more about what Drupal and Acquia can do for your website, explore our ebook on Drupal SEO Capabilities here.

If you are looking for some help managing your website, let us help you. Contact us for free workshop to explore Acquia Site Studio potential.

Mandar Bhagwat Vice President- Drupal Practice | Altudo

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