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Acquia Site Factory - A Multi-Site Management Solution for all Your Digital Experiences

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Every organization that builds and manages websites is aware of the multiple challenges that can arise. If you are an organization that owns multiple brands and is consuming resources due to constant friction caused by multiple websites, conflicting brand personalities and internal team bandwidth, you are not alone. Chances are your digital solutions live on disjointed technologies and WCM (Web Content Management) systems. This can have a drastic impact on your brand image and customer experience. So, how can one find a single solution digital experience platform to all these multiple problems?

Drupal- an open source platform is a major name when it comes to multisite creation and management with minimum complexities. Acquia Site Factory is a solution specifically built for the smoother functioning of Drupal sites. With equipped tools for building digital experience websites, Acquia Site Factory and cloud platform eliminate the inefficiencies. It provides a web platform in which a central team can manage a remote Drupal site -

  • Eliminating redundant systems
  • Unifying appearance
  • Streamlining content and software updates

Acquia Site Factory services also provide centralized governance and allow each site to have its own unique design and UX.

Acquia Site Factory offers a holistic solution for all the issues related to the website by offering a single view of all your experiences. Site Factory makes it easy to manage the existing digital experiences and spin up new ones within a few minutes. All of this can be managed through a central dashboard. Take a look at what Acquia Site Factory looks like:

Single View of Acquia Site Factory

Fig 1: Single View of Acquia Site Factory

Creating a site in Acquia Site Factory

Fig 2: Creating a site in Acquia Site Factory

Updating a site in Acquia Site Factory

Fig 3: Updating a site in Acquia Site Factory

Top ways of simplifying multi-site management with Acquia Site Factory

Centralized site management: A single dashboard to view, manage and grow your portfolio of digital experiences by:

Creating custom dashboards with roles and permissions- With Acquia site factory and Drupal, only the required people from your team have access to specific experiences with platform admin role rights. Also, the custom dashboard makes it simple to view all experiences, through one centralized view.

Streamlining updates and maintenance- With site builder, pushing updates and patches across a portfolio of experiences isn't time-consuming. You can make changes across all your experiences, eliminate IT's backlog and support costs in an automated fashion.

Speedy launch of a new experience - With Acquia Site factory services, you can reuse templates or clone existing experiences to launch a new one with a friendly user interface. It also helps in improving your time-to-market.

Check out our ebook on how Drupal is the ideal open-source CMS for your enterprise.

Centralized support: Site Factory provides top-notch support with its global support team consisting of Drupal Experts. They proactively conduct routine maintenance and troubleshoot issues. In fact, Site Factory customers have a 99.95% guaranteed uptime, for all the experiences.

Some of the salient features of Site factory are as follows:

Acquia Site Factory- Content at Scale

Fig 4: Acquia Site Factory- Content at Scale

Content Deployment at scale - With a centralized management console to view all Drupal sites, Acquia cloud comes with a ready to use configured Drupal distribution. One can choose the contributed and custom modules to build, provision, and operate groups of websites. It uses multiple codebases with Factory Stacks along with multiple installation profiles. You can define, group, and manage content and website functionality, policies, and standards-based on digital experiences, locations, and organization structure. You can eliminate IT's backlog and support costs and deploy site updates across your portfolio of sites.

Fully Managed Platform - Cloud Site Factory meets and exceeds your performance expectations without compromising on security and compliance. Along with its elastic infrastructure, it offers SSO where users can sign in once to Acquia cloud platform to sign in to all of them. This ultimately helps reduce the number of accounts and passwords they have to keep track of. One can define, group, and manage content and website functionality, policies, and standards with multisite governance. With Acquia site factory stack and Drupal, websites are built, delivered, and managed from the same and different Drupal distributions.

Security as a Service - Running vulnerability scans provide timely identification, triage, and resolution of security vulnerabilities. Acquia Site Factory also allows security audits and updates including security event log storage, analysts ensuring the integrity of cloud systems, and monitoring of security alerts. Governance and Compliance as a Service - Site factory is compliant with the FEDRAMP Certification, PCI Compliant in accordance with PCI-DSS version 3.2, HIPPA Compliant including HIPAA Security Rule and HITECH for electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), ISO 27001, SOC1 & SOC2 for the financial reporting requirements of international organizations, GDPR compliant for data protection and privacy in the European Union, Federal Education Records Privacy Act.

Multilingual Content Management - Acquia Site factory considers the fact that businesses across the globe are building websites in multiple languages for a better digital experience. Hence, it offers a world of Multi-lingual capabilities that help you build and run sites conveniently on an international scale and ensure customer success.

With all the features and endless support, one can manage multiple Acquia site factory websites and Drupal conveniently regardless of the version. Developers and Marketers choose Acquia Site Factory because they need more than just Drupal hosting. They also need remote hosting, end-to-end support, collections and cloud platform interface. It allows you to drive alignment and expedited development timelines with a solution that empowers business users to contribute and provides flexibility and adaptability with their existing or new site.

If you wish to manage multiple sites, have a sorted customer data platform or create a new website without micromanaging and hassle of constant attention, Acquia Site Factory is your way out.

Our team of experts at Altudo can contact us to explore Site Factory features and we will help you in migrating you from you existing hosting provider to Acquia Site Factory. Just drop a Hi! at and we'd love to assist you.

Mandar Bhagwat Vice President- Drupal Practice | Altudo

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