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Transform Creative Assets into Digital Experiences using Acquia DAM


Creative assets have the potential to transform digital experiences. Often known as digital asset, these are files like videos, audios, infographics, documents and other media. These digital files when add value to user experience, turn into assets for an organization. These creative assets have a huge potential to bridge the gap between customers and businesses.

Why Manage Creative Assets

Creative assets are the hook to hold customers. Around 83% customers are willing to share their data to enable a personalized experience. Customers expect brands to know them, understand their preferences and offer them tailored experience. To fulfil this expectation, brands need to know all the content they produce. Managing creative assets enable businesses to:

  • Avoid data siloes
  • Personalize user experience
  • Manage Marketing campaigns
  • Realize ROI of digital assets
  • Differentiate high value assets from others

How to Manage Creative Assets

Rich media assets are created by multiple teams to create engaging digital experiences. There is a huge collection of images, documents, videos, infographics that can be effectively managed with the use of cloud-based solutions as Digital Asset Management (DAM). But what is Digital Asset Management? Here’s what:

Digital asset management is a software that efficiently stores, organizes, manages and distributes an organization’s digital assets. It is a single source of truth for all content produced by multiple teams operating within the same organization.

With Digital Asset Management services, businesses can deliver the right content to the right people with minimum turnaround time. Creative assets get a new life when managed under a digital asset management system as a result of easy discoverability.

Who needs Digital Asset Management Services?

Every business that produces content to digitally reach to customers practically need a Digital Asset Management platform. It manages existing as well as new content production across multiple teams within every organization. Here’s why:

  • Digital Technology Industry –
    As the demand for digital experiences continue to increase, technology providers are expanding their horizons. They must stay at the top of technology solutions to offer updated experiences to their clients without a glitch. Hence, a Digital Asset Management system is an indispensable part of their martech stack.

  • Manufacturing Industry –
    To talk about the latest products and service, manufacturing organizations need strong supporting material such as images, videos, infographics. Content presentation with customers, distributors and retailers determines revenue-generating capabilities. Hence, the need of Digital Asset Management services.

  • Commerce Industry –
    Commerce organizations need high-quality portrayal of their assets to engage customers and win their trust. With the bulging competition, consumers and products, it is critical for commerce brands to adapt a Digital Asset Management software to have a central storage location for all the content they are using to communicate with their customers.

  • Edtech Industry –
    As education takes the phygital road, there is a demand to increase the visual presence for providing education courses in the form of online lectures, admission and university details. Given the enormous streams and universities to select from, Edtech companies need to systematically maintain their data including documents and brochures. By implementing DAM solutions into their system, Edtech businesses can effectively manage their marketing collaterals.

  • Real Estate & Construction Industry –
    To portray property images and give a virtual tour to clients, real estate companies must have a library to manage their files. The trend of 3D modeling has increased content creation in this industry, thus the need of Digital Asset Management services.

  • Creative Agencies -
    Creative agencies are exposed to the critical opinions of the clients they work for as well as challenges of standing out as the ideal partner for new clients. To showcase their client and work portfolios, they need digital asset solutions to minimize the effort of finding content, repurposing it and ensuring shorter turnaround times.

Which Digital Asset Management Software Should one Choose?

The best Digital Asset Management tool depends on the scale of the organization and the rich media asset they produce. While there are a number of digital solutions available for asset management, we believe in Acquia DAM. It has the capability to transform creative assets into digital experiences. Acquia DAM is a cloud-based Digital Asset Management solution that works effortlessly with Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform to provide workflows, organization, and access of creative asset files used to foster digital experiences. The key capabilities of Acquia DAM are:

Centralized Creative Asset Library: Acquia DAM becomes the ‘single source-of-truth’ for most up-to-date, approved rich media files for teams across the organization.

  • Cloud-based SaaS delivery and intuitive web interface requires minimal end user training
  • Asset expiration tracking notifies asset owners of pending take-down

Acquia Digital Experience Platform Integration: Digital experiences built with Drupal in Acquia’s ecosystem can make use of creative assets directly from Acquia DAM:

Connected Workflows: Multiple teams involved in creating same asset can be synced throughout the process be it research, design, review or approval:

  • Easily configured multi-step workflow approvals for different types of assets with built-in approval notifications, escalations and auto-approvals
  • Tasks and project status updates across multiple assets being development

In-line Collaboration and Proofing Tools: Marketers can provide specific feedback to ensure maximum engagement with content:

  • Comments and graphical markups directly on proof copies of images and video frames with historical learning
  • Pixel-based image overlay compares two version of an asset

Brand Portals: Users can get secure access to files within multiple microsites in a more simplified interface to search, filter, and download approved assets quickly:

  • Group assignments control access to collections of creative assets
  • Portals can be branded to match the look and feel of the organization

Flexible Creative Asset Organization: Organizations can organize assets as per their individual requirements that match the creative asset they produce and how they use it.

  • Intuitive folder hierarchy with group permissions for controlled access ⎼ Powerful taxonomies and keyword options
  • Machine learning algorithm provides keyword suggestions for uploaded images based on a 150+ million image library

Dynamic Templates for Self-Service Updates: Dynamic Templates foster personalization of marketing material as per audiences or regions while maintaining brand consistency.

  • Graphic designers create locked-down Dynamic Templates in Adobe InDesign
  • Business users (non-graphic designers) can modify specific images and text fields

Benefits of Acquia DAM

Integrating Acquia DAM into your existing Martech stack increases brands’ efficiency to store creative assets, while upholding their values. Here are a few top benefits of Acquia DAM integration:

  • Superior digital experience with higher-quality assets
  • Improved collaboration between teams for creating assets
  • Consistent brand experience across channels
  • Intuitive self-serve access for internal and external people
  • Reduced legal and financial penalties by use of expired assets

Is Acquia DAM a Future Investment

With businesses committing to automate their asset storage, digital asset management services will occupy the center stage very soon. Businesses are concerned about data security, so switching to cloud-based storage is a smart move. With investment is Acquia DAM, businesses will be in a position to utilize their content assets while realizing ROI of their marketing investment.

We have an in-house Acquia experts who can help you get more insights on how Acquia DAM works and the best DAM implementation practices. Write to us at and we will schedule a 1:1 session with Acquia team.

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