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6 Ways Content Personalization Gets Easier with Drupal and Acquia Cloud

Did you know that on average, personalized content can lead to a 6% increase in click-through rates, a 10% lift in conversions, and a whopping 15% increase in sales? It's no wonder then that more and more businesses are turning to personalization in content marketing as a way to engage customers and boost their bottom line.

While there are many ways to boost your personalization efforts and deliver the right content to audience segments, Drupal and Acquia Cloud make it easier than ever. Here are 6 reasons why:

content personalization

1. Simple to use. With drag-and-drop functionality, it is easy for marketers to build and preview personalization on a network of websites. A three-step process lets marketers quickly create complex campaigns and personalized digital experiences. And no-code digital personalization means that marketers can personalize different content pieces or any part of the page without coding skills or help from IT.

2. Centralized. Marketers see all information for consumers in one place so they can better understand and serve each target audience,

3. Unified. Acquia Personalization lets you create content, collect data, and drive your content personalization strategy, all in one place.

4. Intelligent. Acquia can give personalized recommendations and targeted content based on what users are currently viewing, or on their viewing history.

5. Targeted. Acquia Personalization offers real-time adaptive targeting along with audience segmentation and A/B testing that helps deliver more engaging and successful content.

6. Built for Drupal. Built specifically for Drupal, Personalization allows collection of richer data and creation of personalized content for a more accurate user experience.

The simplicity and ease is important because digital personalization has enough inherent challenges. For one thing, it's hard to find that perfect balance of algorithms and human touch. Too much of the former can result in a cold, impersonal experience; too much of the latter and you run the risk of overwhelming users with too much choice.

Another challenge is dealing with the data explosion. With so much data being generated every day, it can be tough to sift through it all and find the insights that will really help you personalize the user experience and customer journey. And then there's the issue of privacy. As digital personalization gets more and more sophisticated, there's a greater risk of violating users' privacy rights. All these challenges notwithstanding, digital personalization is still one of the best investments to increase revenue from current digital content creation.

So... As a marketer, what can you do with Acquia Personalization starting NOW?

acquia personalization

Start personalizing immediately. No matter how mature you are in personalization, Altudo will get you going immediately. From simply collecting data and building visitor profiles to delivering personalized web content to creating custom, hyper-targeted, omnichannel personalized experiences, Acquia Personalization lets you reach the next levels of messaging quickly.

Really get to know your audiences. Collect real-time data from numerous sources and locations, and aggregate that data without IT intervention. Figure out and visualize your audience's true preferences and build more customized experiences over time.

See what your customers see. You know what's extremely hard? Testing whether personalization is working as intended. With Visual Builder, you create personalization from the point of view of the user and preview what the personalized experience looks like for each user segment.

Optimize campaigns with real-time intelligence. A central dashboard provides real-time data and analytics on key metrics, web segments, personalization campaigns. Altudo customizes the views so your team is looking at meaningful aggregated metrics, rather that simple Google Analytics KPIs.

Simplify scheduling. Schedule multiple campaigns in a single setting and roll them out over time, and align digital personalization campaigns with business-critical activities like promotions and events.

All of this sounds great... But where do you start?

Creating personalized experiences is not a one-time event. It's an ongoing journey that starts with understanding your audience and ends with engaging them in ways that are relevant, timely, and valuable to them.

The first step is to start aggregating your data. We will help you analyze and plug in viable data sets into Acquia Personalization. Once you have some data, we will start building profiles of your different customer segments. These profiles will help you understand what kinds of content and experiences each segment is looking for. From there, we will start creating and delivering personalized content and experiences using the tools and techniques we've described above.

As you can see, digital personalization is a complex undertaking with many moving parts. Starting is the biggest challenge. Once personalization gets going, you see almost immediate lifts in user engagement. This gives you air cover for further investment and data-backed experimentation.

Let's get going quickly

It’s time to start personalizing your marketing campaigns. Really get to know your audiences and see what they see when they visit your website or landing pages. Optimize campaigns in real time as you gather data about what is and isn’t working.

Keep things simple by scheduling all of your optimization tasks in advance with Altudo, so you can focus on the creative aspects of marketing that are most important to you. Ready to take your personalized marketing strategy up a notch? Get in touch with Altudo today!

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