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5 Ways to Improve Marketing ROI With Lead Generation

The beginning of a new quarter always throws light on the importance of re-evaluating new marketing techniques to replace old, ineffective ones to stay at the top of the competition. Today's customer-centric market is transforming B2B buyer behavior with increased demand for enhanced customer experience. A B2B marketer today must develop better lead generation and lead nurturing strategies while aiming to derive the maximum marketing ROI from each of them.

While the right marketing efforts can bring in more customers, is there a way to boost your marketing ROI with effective lead management techniques even after the prospect has headed up the sales funnel? As 61% percent of businesses claim that lead generation is their biggest marketing challenge, finding a workaround can help them boost profits. Let's find out how the following lead capturing tactics can also help you improve your marketing ROI -

Develop Evergreen Quality Content

Research suggests that B2B buyers consume at least three to five pieces of related content before contacting a salesperson. To be a customer's first option, you must generate the right kind of quality content at a frequency that is ideal for the customer to keep your brand in mind.

evergreen quality content

Fig. Website optimization strategies for better lead generation

HubSpot predicts that "companies that publish 16 or more blog posts per month generate 4.5 times more leads than those who publish only 0-4 posts per month." This means that B2B companies must stay active online to generate high-quality leads. With this, optimize your webpage and call to action buttons and add more visually appealing content like videos to increase clicks and engagement.

Gate Content Wisely

gated content for lead generation

Fig. How Altudo is using gated content for effective lead generation

Is publishing high-quality content at the right time to reach out to a more extensive customer base enough? Absolutely not. While B2B businesses today come with the right content, gating it can be an excellent way to increase their marketing ROI.

The majority of marketers today are skeptical about whether they should gate their content, but this is a great way to increase leads and conversions. This can often be tied to offering content in exchange for vital customer information. Asking your customer to subscribe to your newsletter, read your e-book or even attend your webinar is a great way to keep them interested. Increasing the frequency of publishing high-quality gated content helps your customer place their trust in your brand, which would reduce their hesitation to share their personal info.

Personalize Online Marketing

Social media has become more than just a channel to publish your content today. As an average person has 7.6 active social media accounts and spends more than 2 hours a day on them, companies must take advantage of this.

advanced search for linkedin marketing

Fig. Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for advanced searches and better prospecting

Effective lead segmenting and targeting the right audience with relevant content are excellent ways to personalize the customer experience. Research by LinkedIn suggests that more than 80% of B2B leads come from them. This means that CXOs today need to expand their social media presence to boost their marketing ROI via lead generation.

Analyze Omnichannel Customer Behavior

Google’s research confirms that 50% of B2B queries are made on mobile phones. With the shift from personal computers to mobile phones and other devices, it is essential for B2B companies today to generate omnichannel compliant content. This can help them generate quality leads from effective inbound marketing.

Customers are conducting more searches using their mobile phones, and omnichannel customer journey data can help B2B companies draw relevant insights to enhance the content that they’re offering. This helps pinpoint the lead management strategies that are yielding the highest marketing ROI. In fact, a recent BCG report showed that -

  • 60% of B2B buyers admit that smartphones played a significant role in a recent purchase.
  • Smartphones can accelerate time to purchase by 20% by increasing efficiency in decision making and enhancing team collaboration.
  • 42% of the average share of total revenues is contributed and influenced by smartphones.

omnichannel customer behavior

Fig. Different channels to study customer behavior

Optimizing content for smartphones is beneficial to your B2B marketing goals and helps your buyer make efficient business decisions. With better insights into customer profiling and audience targeting, sales and marketing departments can smoothen processes and align better for effective results.

Turn to Marketing Automation

B2B marketers are using a plethora of tools to automate marketing over different social media channels as well as to do other basic tasks. For instance, marketers are turning to Zoho Social to schedule posts at given times to reach out to more extensive customer bases spread across different time zones.

post scheduling with zoho social

Fig. Scheduling posts with Zoho Social

You can also harness the power of AI and add chatbots to personalize content and improve engagement and customer service strategies on your website and digital commerce pages. Use other marketing automation tools that integrate email marketing and CRM for effective lead management. A marketing automation tool that automatically sends out personalized emails to different customers in your B2B sales pipeline can help your company save both time and effort. In fact, Thomson Reuters testified that their revenue increased by 175% when they adopted a marketing automation solution.

How Salesforce Helped Orvis Improve Email Click Through

An outdoor clothing retailer, Orvis saw pandemic-related store closures that led to tighter budgets and a mandate to improve engagement.


  • They used Einstein Content Selection to automatically choose when to send standard messages and deliver content from its values-focused “Giving Back” campaign.
  • They also took advantage of Einstein Send Time Optimization, which uses artificial intelligence to predict the times that perfectly align with when each recipient is more likely to open an email.

Both approaches together led to a 22% higher email click-through rate. Turning to the marketing automation techniques enabled by Salesforce, Orvis improved their lead management strategies with higher engagement. As more customers were now engaged with increased personalization, more people came back and boosted the company’s revenue.


Best Practices for Improving your Lead Conversions & Business Uplift

Bottom Line

You might have a misconception that B2B companies have figured out the game and know exactly what to do to boost their marketing ROIs with effective lead generation strategies. “42% of 845 companies admitted having difficulty in planning a tactic for generating leads”, according to a survey by the Information Technology Services Marketing Association and Rain Group.

To stay at the top of the competition, B2B companies must develop different lead generation strategies to make the most of their marketing strategies. Aligning your sales and marketing departments in these situations can help companies make the most out of their sales strategies. Develop top-quality content and publish it at the right time, targeting the correct audience using the relevant social media channels.

Make sure you use the right benchmarks for moving forward while also avoiding common mistakes and making better, informed decisions. Keep a keen eye on when and where you need improvement in planning, as well as with the process itself.

For more information on implementing the right lead management strategies and increasing B2B marketing ROI, you can connect with our Digital Marketing experts at and have a more detailed discussion.

Prabhakar Kaushik Director Marketing, Altudo

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