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5 Top Ways to Acquire More Leads by Optimizing Forms

5 Top Ways To Acquire

Lead conversion has become the number 1 challenge for brands, across industries. This is despite the fact - 50% or more of marketing budget is spent on lead generation and expected to increase in the coming year. Moreover, lead generation figures among the top organizational goals for B2B content marketing.

One of the most definite ways to generate more leads is, by placing a high-converting lead generation form on landing pages. However, setting up a great form that results in meaningful leads is what takes a lot of thought and action from marketers, worldwide.

The success of marketing teams is no longer measured by the number of campaigns run - but on revenue impact and customer value. More leads result in more customers, and more customers mean more revenue.

In this blog, let us discuss the top ways to optimize your forms, to drive greater lead generation, and thereby result in better impact on revenue.

1. Above-the-Fold Content

Now, this a no-brainer that above-the-fold content on a landing page garners more customer engagement. Therefore, it makes sense to place the form along with the CTA, on the top half of the landing page, in order to capture more leads. The average difference between how users perceive information above- and below-the-fold is 84%, as stated by Nielsen study.

2. Strong CTA

A strong Call-to-Action (CTA) is perhaps the only differentiating factor which will result in a higher visitor to leads conversion rate. CTAs should be persuasive enough for the user to click and register. A marketer’s job is to leave a lasting memory on users, and CTAs are where they can explore their creativity, apart from conducting A/B testing.

It is also important to clearly show how the customer will benefit from your offerings. World’s leading brands that are acing visitor to lead conversions, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Tableau, etc have adopted diverse ways to customize CTAs. Some of them include big & bold CTAs, multiple and personalized CTAs, and others.

Building and Implementing a Revenue Engine Model!

3. Right Number of Fields

Expert online marketer, Neil Patel’s website increased conversion rate by 26%, just by removing one form field. The long and short of forms is that we have to figure out the right number of fields, and truth be told – it can be different for every landing page. Sometimes, even a hidden form might also be instrumental in cracking a better conversion rate. This way, we can capture personal/business email ids and thereafter, initiate targeted marketing campaigns.

4. Privacy Policy

This is often understated and undervalued amidst all the brouhaha on more conversions, but Privacy Policy is a subtle detail must be included in the form. Why, you ask? This is because it will induce a sense of trust among the visitors, in order to share their personal information on the form. Furthermore, the landing page and your brand will receive a boost in credibility, thereby assuring that your business won’t be sharing their information elsewhere, without their consent.

5. Using Sitecore Forms

Forms are one of the most critical aspects of a website. They are the conversion point of anonymous users to leads, and eventually loyal customers. They are the beginning of a lifetime engagement. Yet, the average conversion rate on websites is 2.35%, with contact forms garnering less than 3% conversions. However, 10 simplified Sitecore 9 Form features will help convert anonymous users, to contacts, to lifelong loyal customers!

Watch one of our recent WEBINAR, to learn about a step-by-step approach to increase your total lead conversion by up to 3000%, only by using Sitecore 9 form features.

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