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5 Ways for Mastering the Art of Personalization with the Power of Atomic Content Modeling

When Becka wanted a stunning mauve dress for her best friend Clare's wedding, she decided to explore a bit on the internet for 'best mauve wedding dresses in the US'. She came across multiple results and had an eye on an elegant wavey mauve dress with pearls and ribbons. After signing up, she explored a few more options from the online store but couldn't complete the purchase as she had to attend a zoom call for work.

Later that day, she received an email that gave her FLAT 20% discount on the mauve dress as a reward as a new customer. This motivated her to place her first order and the mauve dress was hers! The next day, the same store displayed her a set of jewellery via an Instagram Ad that would be a perfect match with the mauve dress. She placed her second order from the same online store in less than 3 days since she signed up.

Bottom Line- Becka ended up looking stunning at Clare's wedding and let her girlfriends know about the affordable purchase with a personalized customer experience.

Here's a question for you- What is the one factor that converted Becka from a casual visitor to a customer so quickly?

Was it the site's SEO, the unique products or the top-notch marketing with a dash of personalization? Well, all these answers aren't wrong but the secret sauce over here is Atomic Content Modelling. It allowed Becka to receive the right piece of information, at the right time on the right platform. Wonders of marketing technology!

Marketers who are making the most of atomic content strategy are observing positive results in their sales and customer relationships. Let's understand how taking an atomic content approach can help you with personalization and better customer relationships.

What does Atomic Content mean?

To state in one sentence, 'Atomic content is the ultimate way to achieve personalization at scale.' Atomic content design or strategy includes combining various content 'atoms' dynamically to engage with customers in real-time. It doesn't necessarily mean atomizing a big asset like an ebook into smaller content pieces. Atomic content can be even the smallest bits like CTAs, images, infographics, titles, emails and more.

Here is what an atomic content model looks like:

atom content model

The reality of content in today's world:

80% of customers are more likely to purchase from a company that offers a personalized experience. - Deloitte

Even if the content is an essential part of offering a personalized experience, every piece of content can't meet the purpose. We all know, there's a lot of content being produced every day. People usually have a very little attention span throughout their hectic day for online activities. To stand out and convince the users to scroll through and click on the 'Purchase' button, only producing content isn't enough.

Here's what customers prefer these days when it comes to content.

customized email for eCommerce site

It is essential for businesses to slice and dice to hit the bull's eye and get rolling in today's digital world of marketing.

And that is exactly WHY you need atomic content to future-proof your marketing.

However, as they say, too much of anything isn't good.Did you know three out of four customers say they receive too many email promotions from brands and 69% have unfollowed a brand on social media?

Netflix CMO and marketing champ Bozomo Saint John says, 'We sometimes think so much about the tech behind personalization that we forget the major factor of it- 'Person'. Algorithms work great but we need to put humanity back into personalization'.

Atomic content strategy offers structured, tagged and relatable content to win the game of personalization. It ultimately eliminates the major issue of bombarding customers with unwanted content. With its dynamic nature, atomic content drives convenient creation and customization of multiple content elements with several benefits like:

  • Gives room for creativity as it can be created and stored with minimum formatting.
  • Reusable templates are real timesavers.
  • Tagged with metadata.
  • Can be used to publish on various platforms with suitable formats.

Challenges involved in implementing atomic content personalization:

If atomic content is such a great deal, then why aren't many businesses still adopting it?

Here’s why -

Time-consuming & expensive:

Creating a variety of content including images, infographics, foregrounds, backgrounds and deploying all the formats get time-consuming and resource-intensive. Delivering personalization to millions of customers also needs the involvement of various tools which makes it an expensive and complicated affair at times.

Flexible yet connected content infrastructure:

A flexible content model is a major requirement for a digital personalization strategy that can be used across various channels. Along with it, the personalized content requires creative assets that need to be embedded into the source code of the programs. This is further captured in the marketing tools or analytics engine with multiple bottlenecks due to the manual intervention, thus making it a slow and cumbersome process.

Lack of awareness on the right technology partners:

Assembling a tech stack that offers user-friendliness and goes well with your existing technology partners takes the most time. The key is to leverage tools to streamline content operations and reduce the manual efforts involved in atomic content personalization. Content solutions that run on an API-first approach can help in efficiently scaling the digital strategy across channels. Now that we are aware of the challenges, let's look at how to overcome them and implement a successful atomic approach for content personalization.

Get kickstarted with these 5 tips:

Think small to achieve big with atomic content.

Research from SimilarWeb shows that people’s attention spans are shortening at a pretty rapid pace. People spend hours on the internet but not everything attracts them.

We have so much data but are we positioned well to use it to the best capability?

Multiple fragmented content components > Long form content with numerous components

You may produce an impressive blog post but it wouldn't be of any use to a customer who is looking for a short video to get convinced. It is essential for brands and businesses to stand out in the noisy online space by displaying multiple content formats to build real-time engagement. Dynamic templates that can be easily combined on paid channels, emails and the web which makes the user feel valued with one glance is what brands should aim for.

Netflix shows personalized content recommendations to the users

big tv shows

Netflix is not just popular for the never-ending variety of content offerings. The way every single user gets a curated list of the type of content they might like to watch and versatile visuals as suggestions depending on the customer’s watch history. Two users may have the same type of choices but still their Netflix suggestions might look different.

Understand what the customers are looking for.

Becka purchased the jewelry for her mauve dress because it was something she must have wanted. Instead, if she had been shown suggestions for black winter boots, the chances of getting her attention might not have been so good. 'Pink party dress' and 'Hot Pink A-Line Party dress' these two keywords can let you know a lot about your buyers. Dive deep and learn more with the help of Artificial Intelligence to deliver a tailored and relevant experience.

Amazon sends real-time product recommendations to customers.

apple iphone 13

Amazon's 'Frequently bought together' and 'Customers who bought this item also bought' prompts have helped 44% of customers with suitable purchases.

It's good to get personal at times.

Customers use multiple devices and channels these days which increases the opportunities of marketers to reach out to them in multiple ways across platforms and channels with variety and personalization at the same time.

Various types of personalized content items for the customers

personalized email marketing

It is time to go beyond just personalizing emails. Today, we need to personalize experiences throughout the customer's online journey by having meaningful interactions that keep them engaged as well as gives you more information for the future. Get creative, try having conversations and keep them engaged in a subtle way.

Cadbury created personalized videos for their users with a sweet tooth

Cadbury's creative video campaign takes personalization to a whole new level by creating a personalized video for them using their photos and information. These personalized videos with a taste of the customer’s taste in chocolates earned 65% CTR and 33.6% conversion rate.

Get over imaginations and assumptions. Believe in Data utilization.

Atomic content experiences are built with data. Period.

It may look convenient to interact personally with a handful of customers but that can't be done as your customers keep on increasing. Consider various interactions, past purchases, customer status, potential lifetime value and dozens of other parameters over the usual guessing game. Create groups of personas based on their likes and dislikes in a fragmented way that every customer feels special and thoughtful for your efforts.

Spotify creates a customized playlist for their users

spotify playlist videos

spotify discover weekly

Spotify's 'Discover Weekly' curated playlist for users based on their likes have offered a new level of personalization making it a top choice for music lovers to explore new tracks often. No wonder, Spotify is one of the top downloaded music apps.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Play smart with your existing marketing data.

Introducing several new things can complicate the existing process. We all use various tools for content management, marketing automation and other activities that give us results in the form of useful data. Your existing data can be as useful as a live case study if you can use it to its full potential. You just need to fit it in the right place and deliver it to customers depending on their buyer personas. Using automated frameworks with intelligent content structures does the job for you.

Starbucks offers various discounts to their coffee loving customers

starbucks content personalization

Starbucks isn't just known for amazing coffee but also amazing personalized offers to their customers all the time. Content personalization at scale with a fresh cup of coffee!

What do you need to be successful with atomic personalization?

Marketers are thinking a lot about intelligent content and structured authoring. With the increasing need for intelligent content, it won't be harmful to say that creativity is one of the major aspects required to create atomic content that offers engagement.

Along with that, it is essential to have a solution that provides all the support to put all your content and marketing blocks together, deliver the same in a hassle-free manner, track the analytics data and keep the process of personalization going on. With Altudo's solutions for atomic content personalization, you can be successful as we provide a set of essential parameters like:

Analytics- Allows creativity and technology to work together and further provides results to measure performance with AI methodologies.

A/B Testing- Gives you the freedom to test with multiple creative assets for different scenarios and learn from their performance and learn what works and what doesn't.

Template Designs- Offers a visual approach for multiple templates that can be built after analyzing the customer's browsing and engagement pattern.

KPIs Framework- Easy defining of KPIs, complete track of the overall progress across channels and campaigns for better content creation in future.

User-friendliness- As much as customers love a user-friendly experience, it is essential for businesses also to have tools and solutions that allow them to perform various operations like content sharing, managing and automation in a user-friendly way.

There is no alternative to delivering individually relevant content in today's world where personalization is mandatory. If you are looking for a perfect partner to define your way to atomic content modelling, drop a Hi! At and we'll help you make your personalization game stronger.

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