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5 Reasons to Migrate Your Drupal Website to Acquia Cloud

We have crossed mid-2021, and the end of life for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 is steadily coming closer. Even though, Drupal planned to stretch Drupal 7’s end of life till November 28, 2022, Drupal 8 end of life will still be on November 2, 2021, with no additional support from business partners.

More than 60% of current Drupal end users are still on Drupal 7. Without being panic-stricken, these users should act swiftly to plan their website’s upgrade to Drupal’s latest version, or move it to the Acquia cloud, to keep websites secure and feature-rich. Acquia is equipped with what you require to perform your Drupal 9 upgrade as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Acquia Drupal Cloud is the only Drupal hosting platform built for and by Drupal developers. The web hosting platform is mapped out to scale and meet business challenges. With Drupal hosted on the Acquia cloud, you can build, scale, and manage your digital experiences knowing you’re leveraging the best that Drupal has to offer.

Fig1. Acquia migrate accelerate is a set of tools designed to shorten the path to migrate - Source: Acquia

Acquia brings the same pioneering spirit of Drupal that enfolds innovation and boosts the customer experience. We know that, websites are the main source for companies to stay connected with their audiences and that our businesses can’t afford to pause their digital operations as they wait around for vendors to perform a migration.

For exactly this reason, Acquia Drupal Cloud lowers the time, effort, and expense required to complete the Drupal site migration process. It also assists businesses to migrate the Drupal 7 version to Drupal 9 up to 80% faster than it takes when performing the migration alone.

Things to Know About Acquia & Drupal Partnership

  1. Acquia is the highest contributor to Drupal for the past 13+ years.
  2. Acquia’s Drupal Cloud is intended to magnify the essential capabilities within Drupal.
  3. Acquia’s Drupal Cloud supports every phase of a Drupal application, from migrating to improving the application.

Why Prefer Acquia & What Does Acquia Cloud Offer?

Acquia cloud platform offers reliable and secure web hosting for Drupal that delivers everything that your business and teams require to build and support Drupal-based digital experiences, with wholly managed Drupal hosting, robust development tools, the highest security, and optimum support.

Acquia offers Drupal site migration to cloud platform services to take the burden off your team while moving your code, database, and files onto the Cloud Platform.

Acquia has come up with the tool - Acquia Migrate Accelerate, which is the comprehensive migration set-up tool built to support Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 migrations. So, if you’re ready to make a move to Drupal 9, Acquia has got you covered.

Manifesting the Globe’s Most Coherent CMS Cloud - Acquia

Acquia is a unified CMS with - a flexible design, strong security, user-friendliness, high connectivity, great scale, and governance, offering an extensive solution for businesses. It is the only low-code CMS designed to empower both developers and business users. Acquia delivers the greatest flexibility and stimulates collaboration over all the functions within an organization to build a better CMS experience for all.

Fig2. Acquia Migration - Source Acquia

Website's integrations complications solved

Any of your websites being it - a corporate website, e-commerce site, event sites, intranet, microsites, etc., has often issues with integrations. And you must be seeking out ways to reduce the complexity as much as possible.

5 Acquia Cloud innovations to help you in increasing velocity across your organization

So, here’s your answer to reducing your website struggles - Standardize your operations on Drupal, the world’s most flexible content management system which can meet all of the unique needs of all sorts of sites.

  1. Acquia Content Hub
  2. Acquia's Content Hub is a central content repository that is hosted and managed by Acquia itself. When you use a central hub for your content, you can perform full-text and faceted searches across all of your existing content.

    Organizations can use Acquia Content Hub to publish, reuse, and syndicate content across a variety of content sources and publishing channels. To avoid content duplication, you can also use Drupal's built-in multilingual capabilities.

    Through the use of Drupal queues, Content Hub enables automated subscription updates from content authors to content consumers in near real time.

    Fig3. Acquia content hub bringing the massive content explosion – Source Acquia

  3. Acquia CMS
  4. Acquia CMS arrives with tons of OOTB abilities and is pre-integrated with Acquia solutions. It’s an extension of the long-standing distribution of Drupal, - Acquia Lightning. Acquia CMS, on the other hand, is easier to use, more enterprise-ready, and faster to get started with.

  5. Acquia Cloud IDE
  6. Acquia Cloud IDE is a cloud-based development domain that permits developers to do coding and utilize a CLI (command-line interface) process from their browser with no setup needed. It’s fully optimized for Drupal’s development environment. Cloud IDE implements all of Drupal’s best actions and is similar to Acquia Cloud’s production environment, diminishing the average load time to get your site up and running from a week to 60 seconds.

  7. Acquia Site Studio Page Builder
  8. Site Studio is one of the latest solutions of Acquia. It’s a robust tool for low code/no code site development. One feature Site Studio proposes is page builder functionality.

    Site Studio Page Builder allows you to see changes being made in real-time and the way they will appear on a page.

  9. Acquia Cloud Next
  10. Acquia Cloud Next is the next step in the evolution of the Acquia Cloud Platform, making everything better, faster, and more secure. It is more adaptable and designed to assist customers in selecting, thriving, and building a more resilient digital-first business for almost the next ten years.

    If your current CMS is preventing you from delivering excellent experiences for your customers, it's time to start looking for a CMS that’s more flexible, interoperable, and scalable. It's time to consider Drupal - click & read to know-how.

    Fig4. The Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform

    How Acquia Helps Businesses?

    Acquia manages scalable technologies, allowing partners to focus on innovation and delivering value to their customers. The Acquia platform migration services power Drupal websites at every scale, from revenue-generating massive traffic to infrequent engagement. This means that no level of scale or spike will catch the Acquia support team off guard.

    Acquia believes that the support they offer validates the sheer potential to help clients transition to this sought-after open source, cloud environment and keep up with the rapid speed of technological innovation.

    Acquia has been successfully named as a leader in the latest 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platform (DXP) - Source Acquia.

    Acquia’s Commitment to Efficiency

    Acquia is a market-leading open-source digital experience platform that allows users to integrate future technology without having to deal with complex, rigid tech stacks.

    Acquia's adaptable application design allows developers to quickly create new websites and applications, allowing partners to begin production and unveil digital experiences sooner.

    Acquia Migrate Accelerate Benefits:

    1. Accelerates content mapping, leveraging a common language.
    2. Forces tested transformation scripts to migrate faster.
    3. Reduces migration risk with extensive reporting.
    4. Optimizes & audits your content with detailed content reports.
    5. Builds your application with low-code in Acquia Site Studio.

    Acquia provides professional services to assist companies in migrating to Drupal, in addition to value-added technologies.

    Altudo can work in a flexible fashion, offering a range of Drupal migration experts that help and consult, and provide implementation engagements to help your organization meet deadlines and ambitious technical goals. Sample offerings include:

    1. Continuous integrations and continuous deployment
    2. Acquia is a whole Martech in itself, and users can make use of it
    3. Acquia CDP
    4. Acquia Personalization
    5. Acquia DAM
    6. Acquia campaign factory
    7. Acquia campaign studio

    What To Do Next On Acquia Cloud?

    Acquia is dedicated to providing consumers with the industry's fastest and most secure Drupal hosting platform. As Acquia Cloud Next features become available on the cloud, customers will gain access to a free upgrade to Acquia Cloud Next with all of its new advantages and improved performance.

    Altudo - Acquia’s silver partner can elevate your business impact on an international scale. Talk to our Acquia experts today to learn more about your eligibility and upgrade timelines. Contact us!

Why is Drupal an ideal open source CMS for an enterprise
Mandar Bhagwat

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