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5 Ways Inefficient Digital Asset Management Can Fail your Digital Strategy

There is hardly any doubt that most businesses are trying to re-invent themselves digitally to fulfil the pent-up customer expectations and survive the evolving market demands. While it’s still an iterative process for many organizations, some successful organizations have already acquired a large market share and won over customers with their future-looking digital strategies.

A digital strategy is the key enabler for all businesses to accomplish their goals. It is omnipotent to help various teams zero down on activities that ensure regular stream of revenue, along with fulfilling customer expectations.

Where is the Heart of Digital Strategy?

A successful digital strategy is the one where technology ecosystem meets customer data to curate memorable experiences as per customers’ needs in the most efficient manner. Successful marketers craft digital strategies to optimize each interaction of the customer, be it the onboarding process or sending contextual content post purchase. And for all this, they leverage their multiple digital assets such as digital images, videos, product catalogues, infographics, blogs, ebooks, and whitepapers.

If you have a good content repository but you lack the tech support to manage it and make it available for multiple teams when they need it, it is as bad as having no content at all. Successful businesses are committed to humanize digital experiences and are keen on investing in MarTech solutions that help them get closer to this goal.

One such cloud-based MarTech solution is Digital Asset Management software. As the name suggests, it enables businesses to maintain their digital assets efficiently.

What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a comprehensive software that stores, organizes and manages an organization’s digital repository such as images, videos, infographics, portfolios, and much more.

Why organizations anyway need DAM?

It helps marketers cut down the digital noise and curate experiences that customers want. With effective content management, businesses can reduce instances of data silos and make way for consistent brand experience. And it’s a fact that today’s customers want to interact only with brands that offer personalized experience to suit their lifestyle preferences.

Here are some stats that reflect the importance of personalization:

importance of personalization

5 Ways inefficient Digital Asset Management can affect your digital strategy

Digital Asset Management is quickly becoming a crucial element of scaling digital operations for businesses of all sizes. It enables businesses to become more efficient in curating superior customer experiences and position them to deploy customer-centric experiences.

Here’s how inefficient Digital Asset Management system can cost you dollars and customers:

  1. Departmental data silos:
    Multiple teams within the same organization produce content, which can often lead to duplication. Organizations that use DAM, can overcome silos arising from multiple teams. DAM makes all the content available to everyone all the time.
  2. No Cross-functional collaboration:
    With a toolstack like DAM, it is possible for teams to streamline their projects and simplify communication with other collaborating teams for innovation. This enables smooth exchange of useful information with formal mechanism and taxonomies. Interesting Fact: 53% of employees say that cross-functional collaboration has significantly improved their performance. (Deloitte)
  3. High cost of content storage:
    Organizations have high operational costs and saving content adds on another burden. Without a DAM, content management and storage requires multiple resources to maintain content. You might not know, but the cost of content storage deprives most organizations of the budget that they could otherwise allocate to marketing activities.
  4. Fragmented view of content:
    When multiple people work on a project, they need a 360-degree view of all the work that’s being done. Otherwise, it gets very difficult to track progress. A DAM brings content to a single place to enable decisions that contribute to the organization’s growth.
  5. Threat to content security:
    When content is being accessed by multiple teams, it becomes absolutely mandatory to have a comprehensive tracking of who access what content when. Without a DAM system, regulatory compliance and data protection get compromised to an extent that it brings legal implications too.

Digital Asset Management with Drupal

Drupal is the top open-source CMS with a robust presence to scale and modify content in human readable language and with utmost ease. While most CMSs do allow content management with external plugins, Drupal has its own in-built module to support DAM. Some of its distinguishing features include:

DAM Features

Top Feature of Drupal Digital Asset Management

With our in-house team of Drupal experts, we can implement the below into your existing Drupal implementation to make it the best digital asset management system. Here’s what it does for you:

  • FTP uploading and integration with vsFTP for allowing users to upload files and have them managed by Drupal.
  • Collections - Save files, images, and media as Collections for easy collaboration and distribution of files.
  • Protections of files via integration with Drupal's Private file system.
  • Labels - adding labels to folder, files, and collections for quick sorting.
  • Integration with Media module, views, and Drupal permissions systems to allow control over access to files.
  • Leveraging Drupal 8's RestFUL API to allow providing a Rest interface for other sites in your network to consume content from Drupal.
  • Self-hosted currently on the same server as Drupal, in future versions, we may setup methods of allowing remote-host media assets.
  • Drag and Drop file uploads into the server via the Drupal UI or Upload via FTP accounts.
  • Control file access based on individual or folder level permissions.
  • The Folder entity, finally a way to make Drupal more knowledgeable about how files live.
  • Preview of common file types: pdf, .psd, .ai, .eps, .jpg, .tif, .mov, .avi, .and mp4.
  • Use thumbnails on assets to make it quick/easy to find what you're looking for.
  • Email share functionality from the UI allowing users to email links to others.
  • Seamlessly integrate a Digital Asset Manager into your site without the need for a Third-Party SaaS solution.

Final Thoughts

Digital adoption is the only way forward for businesses to thrive. As customers get more tech-savvy, they are leading the market trend and expect brands to fulfil their demands. Businesses that have the right blend of technology and human expertise in their digital strategies are not only outgrowing their business goals but capturing a larger market share than ever.

If you want experts to evaluate your digital strategy, you’ve landed at the right place!

We are a team of Customer Experience leaders who hold 20+ years of experience in helping global businesses scale their digital presence with the right digital strategy. We understand the challenges this rapid wave of digital transformation has brought and we offer solutions to overcome them with a comprehensive and result-oriented approach. Drop us a ‘Hi’ at and we will book a no-obligation workshop for your business.


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