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4 Ways OneWeb's All Agnostic Brand Toolkit Makes Multi-Site Management Easier on a Composable DXP

Large organizations today often face a huge challenge while handling multiple websites and brands. Adopting a piece-by-piece approach where each team works on a single site separately increases costs while hampering collaboration. Working with multiple content workflows spread across multiple infrastructures can create a plethora of operational challenges for the company while also increasing maintenance costs.

To effectively scale this process, companies must find a solution to better manage multiple websites from a single point. OneWeb's all agnostic brand toolkit makes it easier for businesses to improve multiple website management with its unified experience management system. It works like building a house - it first lays down a foundation of platforms, tools, and third-party technology integrations. After this, it builds a feature set on this foundation and lays the brand experience on top.

Here are few challenges that the OneWeb toolkit helps your organization address :

Challenge 1

Lesser Collaboration: Large enterprises often struggle to collaborate between different teams managing different websites. They often have a single team in place to manage a single brand or site with a separate set of developers and marketing teams. These teams are often spread across the globe, working from multiple locations and time zones. Effective collaboration between all these various teams and departments can be quite overwhelming.

Solution: OneWeb's all agnostic toolkit enables your teams to coordinate better by providing everything that you need to create and manage multiple websites in one single place. Your teams can now effectively collaborate on building the best websites at a much faster pace without any delta. It streamlines your operational challenges by bringing multiple teams from across the globe together, regardless of their different locations and time zones.

Challenge 2

More Cost: Managing multiple teams and departments for effective multiple site management requires businesses to employ more resources. This can be an expensive affair costing companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. This cost can be in terms of the cost of deploying new technologies while hiring highly skilled people to create and manage multiple sites better.

Solution: OneWeb's toolkit gives you the opportunity to manage and build all websites under your umbrella from one single place eliminating the cost of deploying multiple technologies. With this toolkit, your teams can now effectively create sites using brand guidelines for all brands from one place reducing your need to onboard multiple teams. It also eliminates the cost of hiring expensive coders as it provides you with a template-based website development solution that requires no coding. The toolkit also offers you training content that empowers your teams with a better understanding of how to work with it, reducing money spent on training.

Challenge 3

Higher Time to Market: Creating multiple websites can be a tedious process that can take a longer time to launch. With hours and hours of coding, companies often lose out on time to effectively market their products. They can also face challenges while creating specific content for each brand with the same guidelines making the process slower.

content module carousel - OneWeb

Solution: Using OneWeb toolkit's ready-to-go templates, businesses can now launch their websites faster by eliminating the need for coding and IT intervention. It can also help companies to catalyze their time-to-market with faster website development that can be done through a variety of customizable templates while abiding by all the brand guidelines. With this, the toolkit also enables teams to visualize the performance of existing sites and multiple websites with integrated analytics through a dashboard. It comes with a self-service portal with a wizard-like digital experience and integration into the marketing ecosystem to initiate new campaigns reducing the time-to-market.

Challenge 4

Lack of Single View of Customer: Managing multiple websites individually hampers businesses from building a single view of the customer. It results in the generation of siloed data that can be of lesser use while building marketing strategies for the overall brand. Further, it leaves them struggling to deliver market-leading customer experience across their digital web presence.

Solution: OneWeb's toolkit enables your business to effectively meet the dynamic demands of today's customers. It helps companies to create a single view of a customer by eliminating siloed data across multiple website management and helps teams to create more personalized marketing strategies. It gives organizations the power to view and understand the customer's online behavior, across multiple websites to provide enhanced customer experiences.

OneWeb's toolkit to implement component

Final Thoughts

Companies today are working hard to become well-equipped with managing multiple sites for various brands. As businesses are continuously expanding, they are merging with different companies that bring in a plethora of new sites, products, and landing pages. With this, they also bring with them large volumes of code in different programming languages that can be tricky for the next company to work with. To handle this better, they must invest in the right multisite management tools and platforms, with maintenance costs in mind.

Businesses today are actively looking for a one-step solution to smoothen this process of transition and maintain consistency with the new brand. OneWeb in such a case is the perfect solution that enables companies to better manage multiple websites on a composable digital experience platform.

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