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3 Ways Sitecore can Boost Contextual Marketing for your Brand

Studies from Sitecore consumer brand loyalty study states the following:

1. 96% of customers would switch brands, if the brand promises one thing, and delivers another.

2. 80% say consistent shopping experiences, drive brand favorability

3. 66% of millennials find it highly aggravating when personalized advertising is off-target

These are the foremost reasons for customer disloyalty, in a world which is clamoring for 1:1 personalized experiences. Contextual marketing holds the key to resolve most problems around customer engagement and customer experiences.

What is Contextual Marketing?

Simply put – contextual marketing is a digital marketing model, aimed at targeted advertising to customers, based on the search terms or online browsing patterns. For example - The user searches for reviews on a top smartphone, reads 1-2 reviews and then reads an article about the best features of the smartphone. Thereafter, the user might open his social media page, and be shown ads for best smartphones under $500.

Contextual marketing can thereby be used to optimize conversions, improve customer experience, construct a 360 degree view of the customer, enhance & automate campaigns, and create seamless customer journeys.

Long story short- contextual marketing and 1:1 personalized experiences work hand in hand.

How Sitecore can champion Contextual Marketing?

Sitecore says that the only way to deliver a personalized experience is by marketing in context of customer’s past and present history of interaction, with brands. This means Sitecore is quite serious about contextual marketing.

1. Sitecore 9.1

With the latest version of Sitecore – 9.1, it has become easy to constantly refine customer experience from all interactions, spread over a host of devices, place and time. Thereby, it has become seamless to turn customers into brand advocates.

The primary challenge for marketers is that customer experience exists in silos. Contextual marketing holds the key to resolve this, and Sitecore makes this possible by bringing all data channels together for analysis. Thereby, the role of a data scientist is negligible.

Thereafter, creating refined targeting marketing campaigns can be the order of the day, with a broad customer data repository, along with merging it to a CMS, effortlessly.

Upgrade to Sitecore 9.1 Using this Handy Guide

2. Personalize Forms

With Sitecore 9, a brand can even personalize forms on landing pages. Personalizing forms means that either you can have pre-filled information in the form fields, or you can choose to ask a different set of information, when users visit your website for the second time. This is also called Progressive Profiling aka ‘get more information’, the next time users fill out forms.

Creating a personalized form on Sitecore is pretty smooth. All we need to do is focus on particular sections of the form, and then set a ‘Trigger Goal’. In the Create Goal pop-up, you can fill in the details under goal label, and engagement value. Apart from this functionality, contextual marketing can be easily boosted with Sitecore by creating short, multi-page forms, producing more landing pages for forms, etc.

3. Sitecore Experience Commerce

Shopping has truly become an online experience globally, and with the proliferation of e-commerce websites – shoppers have more choices and control over transactions, than ever before. Customers are most likely to attrite, if they don’t get what they want – exactly when and where they want. Therefore, to deliver contextual shopping experiences, each time has become the #1 priority for businesses, the world over.

Sitecore has recently announced its Experience Commerce that integrates content and commerce on one platform to deliver Omnichannel retail experiences that delight the right customer with the right offer to boost profitability.

Speed time to market, streamline inventory allocation, and fulfillment efficiency are just some of the host of features of Sitecore Experience Commerce. In Sitecore’s words - Experience Commerce is natively integrated, cloud-enabled platform that is all about content, commerce, and contextual intelligence.

Already leading brands such as Dow, QNET, Homefashion Group are driving conversion on their websites, with Sitecore Experience Commerce.

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