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Focus on Data for Better Conversions



Video Content Marketing’s Visible Future

Learn why videos are important for marketing efforts and how to choose video content management platform to increase customer engagement, and ultimately foster customer experience.

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Account Based Marketing: Building a case for Marketing Success

Nearly 85% of marketers that measure ROI say that Account Based Marketing (ABM) initiatives outperform other marketing investments. This post throws light on the Top 3 Reasons to Adopt an ABM strategy.

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Creating Vertical-Focused Content for Account Based Marketing - Dos and Donts

Creating content to be ahead of your competition is needed and beneficial. However, don’t forget to create content that is relevant to your clients’ and prospects’ needs.

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How to Amplify Account Based Marketing with Data Augmentation in 3 Channels

You can enhance data across multiple channels - CRM, Website Profiles, and Marketing Automation Platforms, to amplify Account Based Marketing.

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