About The Webinar 

The COVID crisis is & will continue shaping the new normal world over. More so in India, as over 1.3 B Indian population spent about 2 months in mandatory lockdown (and continue to do so, with varied restrictions) . It has had a significant impact on consumer needs and their buying behavior, which has changed drastically- throwing the best-laid plans out of gear.

It is time brands adapt to the new normal, the new expectations of consumer experience, the new rules of engagement, and re-evaluate their marketing strategies.

So, what are the strategies that will help brands tide over this crisis? How deep is the COVID -19 impact on the industry? What are the customer expectations from brands, and what are the insights and strategies that will lead to success?

Meet The Speakers


Dr. Manuj Garg

Co-founder, myUpchar


Anuj Aggarwal

VP Online Revenue, OYO


Amit Thapliyal

Marketing Lead, SimilarWeb India


Harshit Kalra

Sales Director, SimilarWeb

In this webinar, we have discussed:

    • Impact of Coronavirus on India: sector & industry review
    • Key trends & brands who are making the most impact
    • Panelist Perspective: Anuj Aggarwal, OYO
      • COVID -19 overall impact on the hospitality sector, actions taken
      • Country-level view - hardest hit to lowest hit
      • Campaigns that are still getting us a good response
      • Customers insights (based on a global survey we recently did to assess COVID-19 impact)
      • Way forward
    • Panelist Perspective: Manuj Garg, My Upchar
      • Impact on the industry
      • Insights on winning digital strategies

Who Should Watch

  • Digital Marketers
  • Market Researchers
  • Investors
  • Sales Leaders
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