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Our client has a legacy of providing customized capital solutions to publicly-traded and privately-held companies, developers, private-equity firms and their portfolio companies. With plans to grow their business beyond USA, the company was looking to enter the public market with its latest offering.

Our client’s website needed an upgrade to reflect the updated vision and unified brand strategy. Experts at Altudo recommended website revamp and migrating to a new, flexible, and easy-to-use CMS.




The existing website of our client had to be upgraded to provide seamless user experience and portray the updated vision and offerings.
The existing CMS was complex, at times difficult to use and costly to maintain.
Key requirements:

  • Website redesign and centralized hosting for multiple websites
  • Dedicated website to depict CSR activities

How We Helped

Our experts re-defined website branding and architecture to meet audience expectations better and improve the overall customer experience. Here’s how:

  • Implemented Acquia cloud (SAAS), Site Studio, Drupal-8 CMS integrated with Site Studio to utilize drag and drop, in-line editing tool.
  • Used Drupal’s in-built multi-site architecture to host two websites with different content and domain.
  • Added SEO & meta tags to improve content searchability.
  • Made interactive property data charts accessible to depict information on property details, across the globe – segmented by industry, country, volumes, etc.


Since the migration, site metrics indicate that new website is being embraced by the target audience. Site sessions are up year-over-year. Our client has a platform for content creators to create website pages, subpages and other new page elements. The company now also has a dedicated website to publish their CSR activities.

Key benefits include:

  • Improved UI/UX
  • Optimized CX
  • Improved content workflows
  • Less maintenance cost for site
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