An Enterprise Technology Provider Augments Its Web Property by Revamping Functionality and UI



The client is a New York City-based company that provides enterprise technology to help organizations unlock the power of their extended workforce. Their software platform is an enabler for many organizations that are using their technology to efficiently manage, organize, and pay the third party associated with them.




The client was facing multiple issues with its website performance:

Functionality Issues: They were facing challenges related to the website's functionality, which made it difficult for them to manage it, and increased their problems related to SEO and running paid-ads. While they were taking these measures to increase footfall on their website, a lot of this money was going wasted as it didn't yield any result due to the website's functionality issues.

Poor UI: A poor UI also contributed to increasing the high bounce rate on the website.

How We Helped

Our experts worked closely with the client to help them identify the deeper issues and find a solution.

Functionality / UI of the website has been fixed: Our experts fixed both the functionality issues and the UI of their website, by revamping their web property. They have a smarter, smoother, and meaningful navigation structure that engages the user. Besides, the UI of their website now delivers the brand value better, and users can connect with it.

Better Website Management and Optimization Enabled: Their website is connected with Google Analytics, which provides them insights into its performance (their bounce rate has reduced significantly). Likewise, they are better able to manage their blogs, as we have improved this aspect through automation.

Improving the existing Website: In the second phase, we are working with the client to enhance its functionality from a user's perspective. We are making steady progress in improving their webinar page and other pages.



  • Keywords ranking growth — 21.74% | Earlier 2.3K keywords were ranking in the Google SERP currently it's 2.8K.
  • Website organic traffic growth — 46.34%.
  • Overall website traffic growth — 26.86%.
  • Bounce rate (organic users) reduced by — 18.01%.
  • Bounce rate (overall) decreased by — 10.18%.
  • Website conversion rate increased by — 427.35% | Earlier the conversion rate was 1.28%, and currently, it's 6.73%.
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