American-British Full-Service Law Firm Reinvents its Digital Presence



The client is an American- British full-service law firm headquartered in London and Washington DC. They have a strength of 2,800+ attorneys working in more than 40 offices in the United States, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. They have several important projects of global stature to their credit.




Since the client is operating on a broad geographical scale, they wanted to form a unified global network to cater to all its visitors, allowing them free access to their website from any device of their choice and any geographical location. They wanted to utilize a multi-channel engagement to be accessible for visitors and interact across the country's demographics uniquely.

They also aimed to enhance customer experience by overhauling the site, and present relevant content for customer engagement through better content categorization, relevant content dispersal, and improved navigation.

The client also wanted a long-term association for regular and on-time maintenance and monitoring of the DR server, reporting on-site performance, and building an on-demand manual index in case of failure.

How We Helped

Our CX experts helped the client identify and evaluate the best-fit CX technology stack that could help them meet their marketing objectives. The solution list is mentioned below:

Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) Implementation: This implementation enabled the client to combine customer data, analytics, and marketing automation capabilities to create personalization.

The client is now able to timely resolve support queries raised by business users by responding to requests for five days (Monday-Friday) a week and mission-critical support issues in the application/website on weekends/public holidays as well.

Implemented Media Library: This enabled the client to manage digital assets and create content once in the CMS and publish it across different digital channels such as blogs and social media.

To sum it up: A multilingual mobile responsive experience was created by us for website visitors with guaranteed consistent quality across devices. Hence, the client is now able to gather customers, web and analytics data, improve their content workflows and content marketing, and run contextual marketing campaigns at scale.



As a result of our implemented solution, the client observed a significant improvement in website user experience. This implementation led to an increase in social traffic, lead generation, including views and more mobile and recurring visitors.

Some significant benefits include:

  • Increase in the site traffic from different global channels due to the introduction of a mobile website 
  • Analytical data contributed to better and relevant content appearing on the website
  • Improved media and content management
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