A Leading International Travel Brand Revamp Their Website To Enhance Customer Experience



This leading leisure, travel and tourism brand is the largest travel brand for Americans in the 50+ age demographic. Since its establishment in 1958, they are now located in Boston, Massachusetts, Asia, the South Pacific, Europe, the Americas, and Africa. Their unique itineraries and excellence position them as the industry leader in their domain.




For the client, websites are the face of their business, which drive a significant portion of their revenue. They needed architectural consulting for their websites and a plan for its complete makeover.

Their challenges included:

  • Improve Website performance, reduce page load times.
  • The client had a huge volume of content on their website, in different media formats. They wanted to create a content library for these, to streamline workflows, ownership, achieve seamless orchestration of customer experience and campaigns.
  • To upgrade their technology platform by migrating to a smarter version of Sitecore, to improve their brand presence and enable aggressive marketing.
  • Reduce bounce rates on their Trip builder module (Dates & Prices) and impact on business in terms of planning.
  • Produce relevant and accessible content for visitors.
  • Create a single view of customers across campaigns, web journeys & identify their needs.
  • Personalize and contextualize the website experience for visitors.
  • Improve on-site & engagement metrics, and engagement to conversions.

How We Helped

Our team of experts worked with the client’s team closely, to understand their requirements and offer them solutions that stitched well with their business goals.

Reimagined the website for personalized user experiences: We reimagined their website to optimize its relevancy and user experience with a focus on customer engagement and lead generation. We provided architectural consulting and revamped the site navigation, while also implementing responsive design to improve UX experience for end-users.

Optimized Content Architecture: We worked with content authors to optimize their existing content architecture and roll out relevant content at the right time. For this purpose, we used the Skyscraper content-optimization process. We also developed custom tools to automate content creation, which helped them decrease the workload of content authors.

CDN Implementation: The client was struggling with poor site performance and slow page-load time. We implemented CDN to improve the site performance.

Enabled Website Analytics: We enabled website analytics for the client, to help them get insights into the website performance and customer preferences, which allowed their marketing team to build a strong marketing strategy.

To Sum Up: The client’s website has improved site navigation, which led to enhanced user experience. The overall global navigation across both the websites is now extremely simplified, and users spend more time on each page. Besides, with analytics enablement, they gained insight into the visitors and personalized navigation for them. Also, now the users can even print the product itinerary page while planning their trip with the client.



  • Simplified build-trip process and forms resulted in improved lead generation and referrals
  • Build Trip process(D&P) on the site was optimized to minimal steps, which resulted in 15%-20% new booking
  • Content optimization and redesign improved the page readability for users, which resulted in 20% increase in user time on page
  • New UX and responsive design resulted in 30% of mobile traffic increase
  • We enabled the content authors to make updates to websites content- three times faster
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