A healthcare Insurer Revamps its Website in Brand-Redesigning Phase, Working a Step Ahead



The client is one of the largest healthcare insurance providers based out of Murray, Utah. They provide non-profit health insurance to offer access to high-quality care to people, covering medical, dental, vision, life, and disability issues.




In anticipation of a brand redesign, the client wanted to revamp their website to accommodate new elements of the redesign as well as take advantage of their CMS (Sitecore) content management technologies.

By utilizing Sitecore’s capabilities, the client wanted to empower its internal team to deploy and update new content with relatively low impact.

How We Helped

Our experts worked with the client’s team to help them achieve their aim while giving way to the strategic possibilities they needed.

Built Unique Content Modules: We used Sitecore technology to build eight unique pages for them that represented eight different content types of the website. This covers over 90% of the website's content, so now their website is ready in terms of content display, navigation, and planning. The implemented Modern site design is based on best practices that keep the website clutter-free and ensures consistency in branding that can be used to their advantage. Also, the site is now Mobile-optimized, which will improve user experience with their brand, giving them a competitive advantage.

These new pages are component-centric - which will ensure consistency and easy maintenance – allowing for new web applications to be built for their brand

Flexible Page Designing: To help them integrate the elements of their redesigned brand, we built them UX Prototype built in Adobe XD, UI toolkit, and 16 PSD files. The new design can accommodate brand styling easily, while also allowing a fast and flexible deployment. Once their redesign is complete, they can add the new elements to their site and push new content live sooner.

The dynamic Content Modules allow for versatile use of location data and browsing behavior, which will help Health Select communicate powerfully with their clients in the longer-run.


Quote from the Client

A heartfelt thank you to everyone from the Altudo team for their partnership on this project. I am excited to see this come to life and make a difference in the lives of our prospective members. Thank you again!

–Digital Experience Director
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