A Global Law Firm Enhances Client Engagement On Their Website



The client is a forward-looking global law firm, with more than 600 attorneys collaborating across major practice areas in cities across the US, Europe, and Asia. They solve complex challenges of clients every year, in the branches of intellectual property, finance, real estate, and corporate law. They wanted to revive their brand with the help of technology to reach and serve their clients better. 




The client was struggling with slow website performance and poor search capabilities, which was adversely affecting their brand, as fewer people chose to engage with them.

Pages took too long to load, and this increased the bounce rate on the website.

The client had three objectives to achieve with this project: reduce downtime of the site, Enhance internal search capabilities, and rebuild a microsite for the blog. 

How We Helped

Experts from Altudo spent time with the client’s marketing and website team to understand their requirements. After conducting a detailed study of their: current technology, existing web property, target market, traffic patter, and prevalent challenges, we offered them these solutions:

  • Time to Value Workshop - Our Time to Value Workshop is a structured offering designed to quickly harness the marketing potential of the Sitecore XP and align it with the business’ objectives to get maximum ROI.
  • Technology implementations and integrations for the client included: Sitecore XDB implementation, Sitecore - InterAction bidirectional integration, and blog site implementation.
  • Redeveloped the blog microsite in Sitecore 9.1 , successfully migrating the content from SharePoint to a Sitecore environment.
  • Developed a blog posting tool for the client to establish a decoupled arrangement for blog creation and publication.
  • Migrated the content/blogs from SharePoint to Sitecore for smoother site performance and easy content management.
  • Their entire blog microsite was re-built using new UX, design, wireframes, and enabled with advanced search capabilities such as global search, team search, autosuggestion, and facet filter search.
  • Reduced the site's downtime during Go-Live (Implemented Primary/Secondary Indexes) to make their initiatives successful.


  • Downtime reduced to 0 sec.
  • Now they have a single data source which includes complete, relevant, accurate, timely, and accessible data
  • Improved customer engagement, lead generation, and conversions using Sitecore XDB implementations
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