A Full-Service Law Firm Builds a Unified Digital Marketing Platform for Client Engagement



The client is a California based full-service law firm, with a staff component of approximately 600 attorneys. It serves clients worldwide, providing guidance in more than 50 dedicated practice areas and covering a wide range of industries. They have several valuable projects to their credit, where they helped businesses achieve their goals through legal support.




The client operates on a broad geographical scale, catering to several big firms and Fortune 500 corporations via their website. However, their site didn’t support their objective of seamless communication, as they struggled with issues such as Slow site performance (pages and global search), issues with multiple keyword searches, analytics certificate creation on production servers, high site downtime, and browser back button resetting the filters directly to default values.

Hence, they wanted to rebuild their digital presence by:

  • Creating a unified global platform to serve all these visitors to provide them free access to their website, any device of their choice, and any geo-location.
  • Leverage multichannel engagement to become accessible to visitors and communicate with various country demographics uniquely across channels. 
  • Develop the ability to publish content to any touchpoint from a single source
  • Enhance customer experience by improving the overall performance and relevance of the website.
  • Remodelling navigation, content categorization, ease of access to relevant content; for improved customer engagement. 
  • Revamp their digital presence completely, for optimized accessibility, personalized experiences, and seamless communication.

How We Helped

Our CX experts helped identify and evaluate the best-fit CX technology stack to help them meet their marketing objectives and implemented the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP).

Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) Implementation: It enabled the client to combine customer data, analytics, and marketing automation capabilities, and create a single customer view of customers to drive, data-driven marketing, and personalization.

COPE (Create Once/Publish Everywhere) Enablement: The client can now optimize their content marketing with COPE, as now they can publish content to any client touchpoint from a single source bringing scale, agility, and control.

Implemented Media Library: This allowed them to manage digital assets, such as images and videos, create content once in the CMS and publish it across different digital channels as blogs and social media posts.

Created a multilingual mobile responsive experience for website visitors: It ensured a consistent quality across desktops and other devices.

Engagement Analytics: The client can now gather customer, web and analytics data, drive personalization across channels, improve their content workflows and content marketing, and run contextual marketing campaigns at scale.



As a result of our implemented solution, the client observed a significant improvement in website user experience, in site traffic, reduced drop-offs and better customer engagement.  

  • 30% increase in the number of users on the website with 32% addition in the number of new users.
  • Better presence in the social and referring sites-- 67% increase in referral traffic and 975% rise in social traffic.
  • 600% more mobile traffic signals led by improved mobile experience.
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