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Why Sitecore Content Hub?

Sitecore Content Hub allows content writers, editors and marketers manage content assets effectively by producing, planning, storing and marketing it in a central location to have a 360 view of all content assets.

As a Sitecore Platinum Partner and Content Hub Specialized Partner , we help our clients to understand how content crisis can be solved using Sitecore Content Hub and how marketers can have better control over their content assets.

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Features of Sitecore Content Hub

Sitecore Content Hub integrates powerful tools to allow personalization at all stages of the customer journey.

To simplify storage, management, distribution, and control of digital assets. The heart of DAM lies in storing all the content produced by an organization in a central location, making it convenient for all the users to access and share content.

Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM)

To streamline marketing content strategizing, planning, creating and publication. CMP helps teams to understand the content requirement, assign resources, collaborate, review, and approve content pieces for publication across different channels.

Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP)

To manage the project, budget and controls every phase of a marketing project. MRM platform supports and measures marketing operations, from managing marketing calendars, creative reviews, approval management to performance dashboards.

Sitecore Marketing Resource Management (MRM)

To manage product marketing content for commerce and downstream channels. PCM allows organizations to focus on customer-facing product information, such as commercial descriptions, benefits, translated content and media.

Sitecore Product Content Management (PCM)

To setup and configure templates for self-serve automated collateral creation. W2P facilitates automatic creation of personalized print collateral for customers, featuring customizable templates accessible right from the browse.

Sitecore Web to Print (W2P)

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Is Sitecore Content Hub only for solving content crisis?

Sitecore Content Hub empowers the content and the marketing teams to take full control of their content assets while helping teams to collaborate to creation of marketing assets.

What makes Sitecore Content Hub different from other content hubs?

Sitecore Content Hub allows to create a 360 view of all content while allowing the marketing teams to plan, manage and share content. It helps to streamline, speed up and simplify all marketing-related activities to maximize Omni channel interaction.

How can Sitecore Content Hub be used for achieving organizational goals?

Sitecore Content Hub helps teams to have a transparent view of all the assets being produced by various teams within the same organization, thus helps all the teams to collaborate to achieve the organization’s goals.