Our Long standing partnership with Sitecore started in 2004

Our Long standing partnership with Sitecore started in 2004

Our Sitecore experts and MVPs regularly author technical and strategic thought leadership and continue to innovate with connectors and tools to help you get the most out of your Sitecore Im plementations.

Our deep understanding of the Sitecore ecosystem goes beyond the basics of CMS to unleash the true potential of a seamless, personalized ecommerce experience & curating engagement analytics throughout the customer journey.

Challenges we solve

Helping in resolving challenges in moving from “Selling on marketplace” to ‘Direct to Consumer”

Resolving challenges in maintaining monolithic systems and moving to SaaS based offering

Help in bringing Content and Commerce together with Omni-channel experience

Increasing the customer loyalty and brand binding

Bringing sale and support for customer in a single unified view

Redefining SEO strategies for more customer inflows towards site

Value Proposition

Rich and extensive experience in delivering personalized and unified user experience ecommerce sites using Sitecore CX.

Established experience in delivering multiple SaaS based solutions

Bringing in rich personalization experience to improve customer bonding and loyalty to brands

Success stories in hand where we delivered unified content and commerce omni-channel experience. Cases will be shared on need basis.

Our partnership with Zendesk and pre built connecters help to integrate your commerce solution to give your customers single view of maintaining their purchases (sales) and support services

Team of highly professional and experienced resources to define your SEO strategy in improving your ratings/search appearances

How we do it

We will follow the 5-step process to realize the value proposition from our engagement

  • Phase 1

    Digital Strategy

    Uncover meaningful insights that will inform the evolution of your digital presence and define the strategic blueprint moving forward.

  • Phase 2

    Architecture + Commerce Strategy

    To create a simplified Digital experience, we develop an architecture blueprint in this phase that will be used by design team for an engaging user centric portal

  • Phase 3

    Design + Specifications

    Design the user interface based on the brand direction and goals. Based on designs, define the functional specs which will act as the developmental guide.

  • Phase 4

    Construction + Integrations

    Develop the portal as per functional specs. The content from existing site will be migrated to the new platform or build new with defined wireframes and mockups. The portal will be integrated with existing client tools and enterprise systems.

  • Phase 5

    Value Realization

    Define and implement the Growth and Change Management strategy for the new/enhanced commerce application to operationalize technology

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  • Transforming The Future Of eCommerce
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