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Brands are now competing on CX,

1:1 personalized experiences

The success of marketing teams is no longer measured by number of campaigns run- but on Revenue Impact & Customer Value.

Our Revenue Engine Framework brings together CX & Demand Gen Strategy, 1:1 Personalisation & Engagement Analytics, Mar-Tech stacks & Cross Channel Orchestration to curate engagement experiences for your customers & drive revenue outcomes.

CX & Demand Gen Strategy
1:1 Personalization & Analytics
Martech stack
Cross Channel Orchestration

How the Revenue Engine works

Digital Marketing Transformation Strategy

We help our clients’ marketing efforts to transform to a lead or demand generation model to a Revenue & Business outcomes Roadmap that focuses on ROI & growth.

  • Objective realignment from merely increasing traffic to improving lead funnel & lead velocity
  • Shift in focus of Demand Generation from generating leads to acquiring customers, leading to increase in Revenue

Integrations to help you Grow

Benefits of the Revenue Engine

Revenue Engine brings CX strategy, demand gen processes, Martech stack and data strategy together to improve customer experience and drive revenue outcomes

  • Higher volume of leads
  • Better quality of leads
  • Better insights and ROI through revenue reporting
  • Better and more satisfactory customer experience
  • Results as quickly as 30 days!

Revenue Roadmap

7 Steps
  • 1


    Through in-person interviews, research, and existing documentation review, we gather insights for our Journey Mapping Workshops. This includes personas, competitive research, analytics, system documentation, previous user journeys, and marketing strategies.

  • 2


     Engagement Analytics
     Easy Personalization
     Real Time Profiling
     AB Testing
     Lead Score
     Lead Nurture
     Lead Management
  • 3

    Gap Analysis

    What’s missing from the optimal journey? Post data analyzation from research and workshops, we determine if each persona and stakeholder can achieve their goals and objectives. We also note roadblocks or gaps, and provide an analysis of probable areas of disengagement.

  • 4


    Roadmap for optimizing the customer journey – across people, platforms, channels, and data. We identify ways to optimize the customer journey and close identified gaps, then map the journey against future growth and initiatives. Thereafter, we validate recommendations with customer and stakeholder panels.

  • 5


    We stitch together actionable insights of your customers in each tool of your Martech stack. This lets you gain valuable information at your fingertips to personalize information, depending on the stage of the journey.

  • 6


    We create seamless user journeys in each tool by personalizing messages, creating nurture campaigns, translating value and lead score in each tool to the appropriate interpretation so that we display the value and engagement of the customer

  • 7


    We create insightful reports at your fingertips to continuously monitor your most important objectives, and analyze these insights, to continuously improve the customer journey.

Driving Revenue from your Martech Investment in just 90 days

Revenue Engine brings CX strategy, demand gen processes, Martech stack and data strategy together to improve customer experience and drive revenue outcomes

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