A Powerful Tool in your Marketing Ecosystem That Optimizes Marketing Functions for Quick Wins and Increased Business Value

Business market is growing exponentially and marketers are upgrading to deliver faster and better. Our Marketing Automation Solution is an enabler for marketers that maximizes return on investment, generating significant and quantifiable business value.

We establish industry-leading demand generation and marketing (workflows and tasks) automation processes that improve alignment between marketing and Sales team for improved ROI. It makes drive business objectives easy by implementing data management, mapping and aligning the sales cycle, dynamic and personalized campaigns, lead scoring and analytics.

Why you don’t get value from services?


Lack of skills to support marketing tactics


Lack of processes to support global marketing


Lack of alignment around definition of success


Inability to operationalize technology and an incongruent ecosystem


No plan or roadmap to operationalize technology


Lack of ability to capture customer feedback/needs to optimize marketing


No proper structure to execute activities

What We Help Achieve

Increase Business Value

  • Maximize the marketing return on investment
  • Drive significant, quantifiable business value using your Marketing Automation tool
  • Focused on low hanging fruit, quick business wins
  • Align digital marketing with business outcomes
  • Easy, manageable steps to success

Immediate Quick Wins and Long-Term Improvements

  • Successful framework
  • Steps to maturity
  • Align Sales & Marketing efforts to speed customer through the funnel
  • Determine any gaps in how your platform was set-up
  • Data and Subscription Management Processes
  • Improve the quality of your email programs
  • Use dynamic, personalized campaigns
  • Launch a scoring campaign that improves your marketing qualified leads
  • Align your objectives with your KPIs and how you are tracking them with your MAP tool

Identify Scope of Improvement

  • Outcomes from the face-to-face workshops, including:
  • Marketing Automation Audit & Findings
  • Marketing Automation Maturity Assessment
  • Mapping the Lead Lifecycle & Integration with CRM
  • Lead Scoring Exercise
  • Targeting & Refining Campaigns
  • Segmentation & Personalization Exercise
  • Mapping Goals to Reporting

ACHIEVE Framework Integrations that Help You Grow

  • CMS
  • Marketing Automation
  • Analytics
  • Tag Management
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Retargeting
  • ABM suite
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Operations Tools

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