Global spending on marketing technology is set to increase to over $640 B by 2022. With over 7000 martech tools available today, expenditure on technology to enable marketing & CX - contributes upto 30% of marketing budgets.

Are you getting value from your martech investments ? And more importantly, are you able to measure their impact on CX improvement & business KPIs?

Why brands are unable to meet CX & ROI expectations

Experience demands are growing

Disparate ever-growing stack, but several key elements are missing

Data Siloes across channels and system

Time to deliver real-time personalized experiences to customers

Lack of alignment and skill challenge in marketing and IT

Missing marketing operation processes

What's missing:

An Integrated martech stack

Aligning technology to customer journeys

Create a single view of customers

Self-service enablement for faster GTM

Platform & workflows to solve the content crisis

Roadmap focused on realizing ROI

We help you create the roadmap

Customer driven insight

  • Understand customer needs – Map customer journey
  • Leverage best practice insight to inform strategy

Capabilities Blueprint

  • Identify capabilities based on current and future state needs of CX
  • Map capabilities to customer journey

CX Tech Blueprint

  • Align the technology platforms and architecture to support capabilities
  • Select using agile or waterfall

People and Processes Blueprint

  • Identify the people required to address and support every state of CX
  • Map processes to customer journey for every sate of CX

Data Blueprint

  • Create a Single View of Customer
  • Data activation plan for personalized marketing


  • Outline a recommended approach and timeline to deliver the capabilities

We’ve worked with 45+ Fortune 500 brands to help them understand what their customers needs , how to truly leverage their Maretch & improve their revenue streams.

Speak to us for a no-obligation virtual workshop on:

How to map business objectives to your CX strategy

How to integrate & optimize your Martech stack for ROI

Identify gaps & how to design a blueprint for success

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