Direct- To - Consumer
Success for CPG Brands

Today, Customer Experience Drives Commerce.

The CPG industry has undergone rapid transformation in the past few years. While Omnichannel delivery, subscription models & personalization have become the norm, the COVID-19 impact has redefined a new normal by changing the consumer needs, and their buying behaviour.

Customer Experience (CX) is the biggest differentiator for brands today, and brands are struggling to come to terms with the new consumer expectations.

Challenges for CPG brands & D2C marketers

Lack of rich content experiences

Today , commerce is all about connecting content & experiences which convert to purchases

Outdated Commerce strategy

Old distribution models that are disrupted and digital native DTC brands are disrupting the value chain, taking away market share

Lack of engagement analytics

Brand marketers lack insights on consumer needs, understand their behaviour across channels to plan their digital strategies

Lack of personalization & customer intimacy

With no single view of customers & insights on consumer journeys, marketing programs lack precision & scale

Poor Visibility

Brands are struggling to be found by their consumer while competing with digital-first brands & run performance marketing campaigns

Expectations of exceptional Service

Customers expect highly personalized and timely customer service and brands struggle to meet expectations

We help you achieve your business KPIs

Our deep expertise with deep CPG and commerce allows us to help brands get found, create rich content experiences, build customer intimacy and enable commerce.

Improve customer intimacy

We help you understand your customers better through our services in Customer Journey Mapping, creating a single view of the customer and creating reporting and insights on your customer data and the campaigns you launch towards them

Create engaging digital experiences

An outside-in approach leveraging data to design personalized experiences

Improve DTC commerce

Content-to-commerce value proposition to drive commerce success

Launch personalized campaigns at scale

An agile approach to personalization that moves clients up the maturity model from channel-based personalization to AI driven omni-channel personalization

Improve digital measurement and analytics

Our unique marketing insights model helps organizations identify the right measurement criteria and optimize marketing and customer experience with them.
Our relationship with SimilarWeb brings unique market intelligence data insights to optimize campaigns and digital strategies.

Drive digital innovation

Our rapid prototyping approach helps organizations ideate and take products to market

Improve customer service

We leverage our CX strategy and Zendesk implementation services to enable omni-channel customer service

How we do it

We will follow the 5-step process to realize the value proposition from our engagement

  • Advisory Services

    • Strategy, Architecture & Roadmap
    • Commerce platform selection
    • Customer Journey Mapping & Persona creation
    • UX Audit
    • Assessment & health check
  • Integrations

    • Commerce Platform implementation
    • OMS & Omnichannel
    • D2C, B2B, B2C, B2E & B2B2C
    • Across Industries-Hi-tech, SaaS,
    • Manufacturing, Aero-Space, Healthcare, and Retail
  • Testing & Validation

    • End to end business validation
    • Usability-Multi device
    • In-sprint agile testing
    • SIT & UAT
    • Regression and Release
    • Performance
  • Support & Maintenance

    • Site Stability
    • Managed Services
    • Digital Commerce Dashboard
    • KPIs and SLAs
    • Alerts and Automation
    • Analytics and Reports
  • Integrations

    • Payment and Fraud check
    • Reviews & Ratings
    • OMS, ERP, WMS
    • CRM, IVR
    • 3rd Party Integration
    • Store operations, POS

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