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Sushovan Saha
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7 Easy Steps to Amplify Lead Conversions with Machine Learning

In present times, the world is clamoring about big data & analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT). At times, it gets overwhelming to make sense of all the noise around data. Thankfully, Machine Learning (ML) comes to the rescue for businesses, as in concise words – ML is all about segregating data and characteristic development – transforming raw characteristics into the set of features that represent the gist of the data.

Lately, for businesses -it is all boiling down to lead conversions and revenue, and not on the number of campaign run. Brands that have integrated Machine Learning, have reported improved lead conversions, along with clearer insight into their data.

However, a 2018 CMO survey points out that 61.4% of companies aren’t yet using it, and around 30% companies have no near-term plans to explore the use of ML.

So, how does Machine Learning work and what problems it can solve for your business? In our recent webinar, Michael Thompson - MVP-Sitecore | VP-Client Engagement, Altudo, highlighted the major components to amplify lead conversions with ML.


The following 7 components are major focus areas of the webinar:
1. Web Analytics
2. Data Augmentation
3. Campaign Tracking
4. Custom Facets
5. Goals
6. Metadata
7. Personalization

Not only this - WATCH THE RECORDING, to know the key secrets of – ‘Testing various sets of Content with the use of Data’.


Building and Implementing a Revenue Engine Model!

Sushovan Saha Sr. Manager – Content Marketing

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